Mike Hanbery March 13, 2018

SEO, Your Website, and CRM: Better Good than Lucky

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Want to get lucky in growing your business? Get systems in place that make luck more likely. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website user experience, and Infusionsoft by Keap Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation constitute a potentially powerful marketing and sales system for your business.

Attract Website Visitors Through SEO

SEO’s primary use is lead generation. A good SEO program gets your website in front of humans who are using search engines, e.g. Google, to answer questions and find solutions to their problems.

Best practices for SEO for lead generation includes a scientific approach to reverse-engineering the market opportunity to determine keywords and then integrating that information for maximum impact on the website. (This is a foundational component of Webolutions Performance by Design™ website design system.)

The more solid the foundation, and the better managed your SEO services, the more relevant visitors your website attracts.

Understand your Website Visitor

People decide if they like your website in just a few seconds. When creating a website for your business, understand and state overtly that its goal is to attract and convert visitors. Depending on your business model, a conversion may mean any number of things, such as an online purchase, click to call, or submission of information via web form. Spend some time profiling the ideal person you want your website to attract.

Demographics are a good starting point, but let’s face it, you have never made a purchase based on the fact that you are a 47-year-old married, middle-class white male with two kids, an advanced degree, and a white-collar job. What problem are they trying to solve? What sources of information do they trust? What are their media habits? How will they make their decision? What are their expectations—of your offering, and of you? What constraints do they have on their time? What are they passionate about in their lives? How will they process this information? When you target a demographic, you miss the human being.

The better you understand your ideal persona(s), the more targeted and effective you can be with your website—and all marketing and communications. The better you understand your website visitor, and the better that understanding is manifested in the design of your website, the more of those visitors will convert.

Integrate your CRM with your Website

When your website is integrated with a CRM and Marketing Automation system, you win more business.

Those visitors you’ve now converted through the website automatically, or with a few keystrokes, get a profile in your CRM system. A solid CRM and Marketing Automation system, such as Infusionsoft by Keap, enables timely, extremely customized and personally-relevant “right time” follow-ups.

The timing aspect is critical. The Harvard Business Review advises that following up on a web lead within an hour increases the likelihood of qualifying the lead by 700%. The same study identified a core cause of leads growing cold is the common practice of lead lists being downloaded and distributed daily rather than immediately and continuously.

Infusionsoft by Keap — specifically designed for small business — enables this critical, immediate notification and calls to action, and follow-up reminders and one-to-one outbound electronic communication.

Align the Funnel

Effectively combining a data-driven SEO program, a website designed to appeal to specific human visitors, and a CRM and Marketing Automation solution provides:

  • Ongoing acquisition of purchase-oriented contacts.
  • Maximum website visitor-to-lead conversion ratios.
  • The ability to respond at Internet speed, and the lead nurturing support often necessary to properly qualify a lead, and win the business.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, assume or get talked into believing this approach is out of their reach, and that some amount of luck will be needed for them to get positive ROI from digital marketing.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

Get prepared. Contact Webolutions today.

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Wondering how CRM and marketing automation and web design tie together? Goals for small business web design often include ongoing lead generation. The best way to convert those leads? With CRM and Marketing Automation. And this works vice versa. Small businesses seeking to maximize results from CRM and Marketing Automation should examine their website considering factors such as design, user experience and search engine results.