Mike Hanbery February 13, 2018

Your Business Website and Infusionsoft CRM – A Love Story

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Is your business website lonely? Is it greeting new people on a regular basis, delicately feeling out each for a potential fit? Does it quietly strive for a partner with whom it can be happier and more successful, with whom to pursue goals and share triumphs? Give your business website a Valentine. Pair it up with Infusionsoft®.

“Right For You” Messaging: CRM and Marketing Automation

Every day, your website bravely stands before the world, representing you, your business, and your brand. Sometimes it converts a visitor to a “lead.” When this happens, smart businesses have systems in place to maximize the close rate and overall experience for converted visitors. In 2018, some components of these systems are automated. In 2018, email continues to play a critical role.

Once upon a time, sending an email once per month to your entire database was pretty slick. In fact, a small business maintaining a database in Excel or Access was ahead of the game. More so if that business was creating content and sending it out to that database by uploading it once per month to an email marketing tool and addressing it to, “Dear %FirstName%.”

Today, all of us, including your prospects, are experts in Information Triage. Technologies continuously train us to expect the messages we receive to be increasingly personalized. Time pressures and sheer information quantity force our focus to information of immediate relevance and importance.

While your monthly e-newsletter is an important tool, it is only one component of a successful engagement campaign, and your expectations should be limited regarding its effectiveness in converting new prospects. Here’s why:

  • Time – Your monthly e-newsletter goes out when you decide it does; not when the recipient is looking for it. It is almost certainly not being delivered in the critical moment when you have first acquired the prospect’s attention.
  • Relevance – Your monthly e-newsletter conveys information you feel is valuable. How much of it speaks to the reason the prospect contacted you? How much of it matters to her, now? Is that information front-and-center on your e-newsletter? Odds weigh heavily against this.
  • Relationship – Your monthly e-newsletter has no ability to differentiate among contacts. How long have you known them? Have they purchased before? What products or services do they regularly purchase? Have they referred you business? Pick a question, and your e-newsletter has a high probability of falling short of your ideal response.

Infusionsoft makes your prospective clients feel special. And that’s the stuff that leads to silly emojis, expensive dinners, ski weekends, and I-think-it’s-time-you-met-my-folks.

Infusionsoft picks up from your business website by helping you establish common interests and mutual understanding. With marketing automation systems natively integrated with CRM, automated communications reach people based on how you customize them. These can be their status in your sales pipeline, their lead score, how long they’ve gone without responding to an email or voice mail, their initial stated interest, a recommendation you have for them based on initial analysis, an invitation to an event or their RSVP status…possibilities are unlimited.

Let Infusionsoft Put a Ring on your Business Website

Infusionsoft_Certified_Partner“It’s not me, it’s you.” Practice saying that to the system, or lack thereof, that’s holding you back. Alternatives: “I think we need to see what else is out there.” “I’ll always appreciate our time together, but I need to move on.”

Feels pretty good, right?

Replacing your Excel or Access database (or your sticky notes, or your white board) with a CRM system reduces the risk of human error and provides permanent, easily-updated and imminently-accessible information for all business contacts. That’s pretty much table stakes for a first date with any CRM system.

Infusionsoft combines CRM with Marketing Automation to deliver the best possible system for small businesses to maximize the results generated from website conversions.

Webolutions is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. And we’re suckers for a good romance. Let’s play matchmaker for Infusionsoft CRM and your business website. Contact us today.

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