Webolutions Launches Responsive Website for Sashco

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Client Name: Sashco

Client Website URL: www.Sashco.com

Project Type:  New Responsive Website Creation

Client Background:

The people at Sashco manufacture and market sealants, caulks and stains for housing (frame and log homes). They manufacture all of their products at their facility, in Brighton, Colorado. Sashco is passionate about creating the best performing products possible. The internal culture at Sashco is especially strong and unique, their four key values are truth, trust, care and forgiveness. Each Sashco employee lives these values every day.


Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Create a unified customized website for all their products that is easy for users to navigate
  • Create a look and feel that reflects the Sashco unique brand personality
  • Create a provide a wealth of content to help their customers (both professionals and DIYers) do great work and get the most out of Sashco premium products


Highlighted Solutions – This Website Has the Following Features and Functions:

    • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS), utilizing our Enhanced WordPress Platform™. This allows us the ability to easily add new site pages, edit content, edit text, edit images & videos, edit forms, and control all aspects of the site. It also seamlessly incorporates many key WordPress Plugins that greatly expand the functionality of these base tools.
    • Responsive website design which provides resolution-specific viewing and functionality experience on tablets and mobile phones
    • A “Big Picture”, homepage slider area which allows us to visually represent our brand with images and or videos.
    • Products – Custom content type that is easily editable. Ability to add new products at any time. Ability to select which product category each product is related to.
      • Customizable Attributes Include:
        • Customized Logo
        • Product Colors
        • Product Tagline
        • Product Summary
        • Product Image Gallery
        • Available Sizes
        • Available Product Colors
      • Spotlight Section – Ability to add custom tabs for each product
        • Overview
        • Videos
        • Text
        • How-To’s
    • Projects – Page describing different project types with links to custom project pages
    • FAQs  – Custom content type. Easily manageable database of FAQs. Searchable by projects, products and product types.
    • How – To’s  – Custom content type, ability to add new How-To’s at any time
      • What You’ll Need – Products you will need
      • Steps – Steps you will need to complete the task
      • Special Tip – Helpful tip
    • Caulk Man Dan – Sashco designed Caulk Man Dan for each section of the website, flexible so a different Dan can be on each page and with a speech bubble with different quotes customized to that product or page content.
    • Where to Buy – Easily searchable database with all locations where Sashco products can be purchased. Can search by address, zip code and categories (Caulks & Sealants and Log / Wood Home Solutions). Also includes a map with location markers.
    • Contractor Database – Easily searchable database with all contractor information (for contractors in the US and Canada).
    • Retailer Resources – Repository with tons of useful information for retailers: brochures, specs, advertisements and much more.
    • Custom Page Templates – Ability to have custom page templates for the log home section with a nice big image of a log home.
    • Live Chat – Integrated live chat function
    • The Real Seal eNews Sign Up – This allow site visitors to receive the eNewsletter which contains helpful information.
    • Share Your Feedback – This feedback system makes it easy for site visitors to keep in touch and let us know how we are doing.
    • Links to all social media channels
    • RSS feed to share content


Please let us know what you think.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

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