Webolutions Launches Responsive Website for TRACOM Group

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Client Name: TRACOM Group

Client Website URL: www.TracomCorp.com

Project Type:  New Responsive Website Design & Development

Client Background:

TRACOM Group provides “Ah Ha’s” to people as to how and why they act and interact with the world around them the way they do. They do this by teaching people about the core elements of an individual; their behavior, their emotions and their mindset and the impact these elements have on them each and every day. TRACOM Group calls the sum of these core elements Social Intelligence and most people are completely unaware of the impact that these factors have on them every day in how they interact with others and how they frame what is happening in the world around them.

By focusing on increasing awareness and control of their Social Intelligence people can dramatically improve their understanding of both themselves and others and can use this knowledge and skill set to increase effectiveness and productivity in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world.

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Shift marketing message from “the Social Style Company” to “the Social Intelligence Company”
  • Organize content and products in a way that is easy for users to navigate and understand
  • Create a look and feel that reflects the TRACOM unique brand personality
  • Provide a wealth of content to help their users find out more about what they offer and make it easy to choose which products are right for their specific needs

Highlighted Solutions – This Website has the following Features and Functions:

    • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS), utilizing our Enhanced WordPress Platform™. This allows us the ability to easily add new site pages, edit content, edit text, edit images & videos, edit forms and control all aspects of the site. It also seamlessly incorporates many key WordPress Plugins that greatly expand the functionality of these base tools.
    • Responsive site design which provides resolution specific viewing and functionality experience on tablets and mobile phones
    • A “Big Picture”, homepage slider area – allows us to visually represent our brand with images.
    • Products – Custom content type that is easily editable. Ability to add new products at any time as well as manage inventory. Ability to select which product category each product is related to.
    • Online Invoice Payment System – Users have the ability to login and pay invoices online
    • Tips Database – The Tips Database makes the tip content very easy to manage. Each tip has a title and the tip itself, with the ability to select which tip the category fits into (Behavioral EQ or Social Style) and the ability to manage which quarter the tip will be displayed.
    • Resellers Section – This section highlights TRACOM resellers and the ability for users to sign up to become a TRACOM reseller. Each reseller has its own listing on the site with logo and contact information.
    • Integration with Marketing Automation System – Integration with TRACOM’s marketing automation system to capture, score and share information on website visits and to display industry-specific dynamic content based on a user’s profile. Embedded iFrame forms for simplified tracking purposes
    • Global TRACOM – This section highlights the global partnerships TRACOM has in over 40 countries. They offer products in multiple languages as well as information on their resellers around the globe.
    • Product family branding and imagery – Created a new cross family branding scheme that is reflected throughout the website and in offline materials that delineates the three product families that make up their Social Intelligence Solution; Social Style, Behavioral EQ and Adaptive Mindset
    • Custom Page Templates – Ability to have custom page templates for the Tips and Reseller sections
    • Positive Interactions eNews Sign Up – This allow site visitors to receive the eNewsletter which contains helpful information on a regular basis
    • Share Your Ideas – This form makes it easy for users to share their ideas with TRACOM Group
    • Links to all social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Social Sharing – This functionality is very simple for users to share content via their own social media networks

Please let us know what you think.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

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