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Twitter & Social Marketing – SEO Forces to be Reckoned With

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Twitter now part of Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Results

As of recent, search results are showing real-time Twitter results in the organic search results.  Google and Yahoo made the announcement on the same day, paying Twitter $15 million and $10 million respectively, to index Twitter’s tweets.  Twitter’s search results display the most recent five tweets for your search query, and it will always match the language in which you are searching (i.e. – If you are in Italy, only Italian tweets will show.)  Currently, Twitter results are included only for the most popular search topics.  This new trend is extremely useful for both the consumer, and for companies wanting to get the most exposure out of their product or service.

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Popularity of Twitter

Twitter has become so popular in fact, there is now a Twitter specific award, the “Shorty Award,” honoring the most popular producers of short content on Twitter.  “Follow Friday” is another Twitter trend that is becoming a household name (at least for Twitter enthusiasts.) Follow Friday is a tradition where people tweet the names of others who they believe are fun and/or interesting to follow.  These Twitter trends show just how popular Twitter is becoming, and also how important Social Marketing as a whole has become.

This ever-increasing consumer engagement with social networks is changing search optimization results and the way consumers should be targeted, and not just through the digital medium, but through all forms of traditional media as well (although, the line separating digital marketing from “traditional” marketing is a very blurred line.)

Popularity of Social Marketing Increasing

If there is anyone out there still on the fence about Social Media Marketing, or thinking it is just a “fad,” it is time to think twice!  Social networking has run rampant over the last year, and not just with the 18-year-old crowd.  In fact, people under 18 years of age are making up less of the social network audience, whereas the 50+ age group account for more of the audience.  (Under 18 group decreased by 9%, while the 50-64 and the 65+ groups increased by 4% and 7% respectively.)  This past year, social media overtook “Web 2.0″ in terms of search volume.  As well, social networking and the member communities category of sites has long surpassed the email category in Internet popularity.  Well over two-thirds of the world’s Internet population visit a social networking site.  The social networking sector is now the fourth most popular activity on the Internet (#1 Search, #2 General Interest Portals & Communities, #3 Software Manufacturers.)  Now, Twitter is being displayed on Search results (the #1 use of the Internet,) so popularity will continue to increase exponentially.

So What Does It All Mean?

The bottom line is that if you are not yet involved in Social Marketing, GET INVOLVED!  This is not a fad or a trend that is going away tomorrow.  The popularity, and the necessity to participate in this medium will only become more crucial, and even necessary for survival in the marketplace.  People trust Social Marketing, as it is a more authentic and candid form of communication.

The key to increasing your business via social networking is to keep your messaging authentic, using more of your personal voice.

Remember that social networking, at it’s most basic level, is about friendships.  It was created for members to add value to each other’s lives through their interactions.  Thus, if you want to increase your business via Social Marketing, your efforts should follow this same philosophy – add value through interaction and consultation.

What are you doing to add value by way of Social Networking?

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