Pay Per Click Marketing – Understanding The Search and Display Networks

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When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, your options are pretty vast in what you have the ability to do. If you are new to PPC, I have gone in depth about a number of PPC topics including whether or not PPC makes sense for your company and setting up effective PPC campaigns which you should read before you read this blog. One major detail these blogs leave out when it comes to running a Google AdWords campaign is utilizing the Search and Display Networks. In this blog I will explain the difference to you as well as tell you the benefits of the Display Network.

When you think of paid search in terms of Google, most people are thinking of the “Search Network.” These are the ads that appear on Google for a search, generally the top three spots above the organic listings, as well as the ads to the right. The Search Network also includes other search partners like AOL and, so if someone does a search in those engines for your keywords they will see the same ads they would on Google. The Search Network allows you to choose which keywords your ads appear for and assures you that the people your ads are displayed to are people who are searching for what you’ve deemed important.

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The Display Network allows you to show your ads all over the World Wide Web. Many (I mean MANY) websites utilize Google AdSense, which is a way to put ads on your website and make money off each time the ad is clicked on, without putting a lot of management into it. Utilizing this network allows you to put your ad on any kind of website from major news websites, tiny blogs, and e-commerce sites. It also allows you to use banner ads, not just the text ads you are stuck with in the Search Network

While it is possible just to turn on the Display Network and let your ads show up wherever Google decides it should appear, this is not a tactic any PPC marketer will ever tell you to attempt. You can choose to allow your ads to appear only on “Relevant pages only on the placements, audiences, and topics I manage.” By doing this, you can seriously narrow who your ads are shown to. This allows you to individually choose the websites your ads appear on, narrow the audience down based on demographics collected by Google, and to select specific topics of websites that your ads will appear on. The Display Network is a great way to spread brand awareness to your target market who is not directly looking for you at the time.

Generally, the traffic from the Display Network does not convert at the same level as the Search Network which causes hesitancy towards using it. However, it is a lot less saturated with advertisers which means the clicks are a lot cheaper than they would be on the Search Network. A lot of our clients have seen lower cost per conversion utilizing the Display Network due to the extreme difference in cost per click in the two Networks. As with the Search Network, the better you target your ads the higher chance you have of converting them into customers.

Understanding the difference between the Networks is step one. The more you put into each of them, the more you will get out. If you want to learn more about the Display Network, Search Network, or about PPC in general please leave a comment or feel free to contact Webolutions digital marketing agency today!

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