3 Tips For An Effective PPC Campaign

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Understandably, many potential clients come to us looking for immediate results from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. Unfortunately this is not how SEO works, it takes time for the changes to take hold within search engine rankings as well continued effort to further maintain and increase rankings. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy that can and will provide instant visibility on search engines is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing. With PPC you pay for each click to your website, allowing you to choose which keywords you want to show up for and bid for positioning on the results pages.

A PPC advertising campaign can be an expensive experiment if you don’t plan it out properly. While the overarching goal is to garner traffic to your website, the success of a campaign is determined by whether or not it brings in the right traffic. Paying for people to come to your website does not make any sense if they are not converting in some form or another. While there are tons of books about effective PPC campaigns, here are 3 tips to make sure your campaign takes off smoothly.

  1. Target Market: In a previous post I wrote that choosing the right target market is as simple as choosing the right keywords. In a quick summary: make sure the keywords you choose are relevant to your business, are predominantly placed along the landing page, and do not cost more money per click than they are worth to your company.
  2. Consistent messaging: With a PPC campaign you have complete control over the message you are putting out from the start of the campaign to the end. While your ads are limited in length to a certain amount of characters per line, there is plenty of room to create an effective message. These ads should inform the reader of what to expect when they get to your site with as few surprises as possible. Once a user clicks that ad, make sure the content is consistent with the messaging of the ad. If you use an offer such as a free quote or discounts make sure that you repeat the offer on your landing page to reinforce the deal.
  3. Ultimately, the more time you spend developing your campaign, the better you will do. It is possible to launch a PPC campaign in a few hours but without putting proper time into the strategy and development your campaign will be doomed to mediocrity at best. By taking time to properly group your keywords together, writing relevant ads for each keyword group, and creating unique landing pages for them you will decrease your cost per conversion right from the start. Be sure to spend time analyzing your keywords as well as writing your ads and landing pages with the end result in mind: conversions!
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Like I stated earlier, there is a lot more to know about PPC than just these three tips. While they will help you develop a proper PPC campaign, by no means is this a comprehensive guide to success. If you would like to know more about PPC or would like help developing a PPC campaign, please feel free to contact us today!

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