3 Completely Different Events. One Important Theme. Community.

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What does a week of community engagement events look like? The beautiful thing about community engagement is there is not just one way to achieve it. Let’s take a look at three very different approaches that all share the common, and very important, theme of community.

Last week, Webolutions digital marketing agency held an open house at our new home in Legacy Cascades in Centennial for the 34 businesses and their 600+ employees who are our new neighbors. Webolutions was two blocks north for the last 10 years in the wonderful community of Greenwood Village, and we made many friends in the area. It remains a very special place to us. We needed a refreshed space, and found the perfect larger building just south, but in a different city. Centennial has a long history with our team and it feels like we have come home. At Webolutions, it’s important to our culture to be a good neighbor. We believe in consistently living our brand. We intend to make a positive impact in the lives of who we encounter. At our open house, dozens of people from a variety of businesses came to see our new space, meet our team and understand how we can make a powerful difference together. We’re looking forward to meeting hundreds more in future months—as our intent is that everyone in our building will succeed together.

This past weekend, many celebrated the campaign announcement of Amy Martinez, Project Manager at Webolutions, who announced that she is running for Englewood City Council. Her campaign kick-off was at the business of long-time friend Brian Hart, owner of Frame de Art. Amy is a terrific teammate and she’s also a wonderful member of the community. She cares about the community she grew up in and wants to continue to give back. Amy is the third Webolutions teammate that has run for public office or has served as an elected official. We believe in public service and making a positive difference for our communities.

Also this past weekend, a group of us climbed ½ of Pikes Peak in preparation for climbing three Colorado 14ers. If you’re in Colorado this summer we hope you’ll join us: Pikes Peak on July 25th, Huron Peak on August 8th and Mt. Missouri on Aug 22th. You’ll find that by taking long hikes with friends in the Rocky Mountains it refreshes your spirit as well as strengthens your body. You’ll also find that you’re part of a thriving community of people who love the mixture of physical exertion in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. There are just not many things better than being surrounded by friends overlooking hundreds of miles of natural beauty. When you have a chance to bond with another businessperson or community leader in a shared interest, you’ll find that the relationship blossoms into one that is much more meaningful and long term.

How to Use This Information

We create and assist in executing unique and comprehensive community engagement events and plans for your business. Community engagement is an essential, non-traditional marketing and sales component of your business success.  People like doing business with businesses that care about the communities they serve. People also like doing businesses with friends. When you commit to finding shared interests and passions with your team and rallying others around helping people improve their lives, your business will see the benefit.  We’re here to help you build a community around your business and brand. We live it at Webolutions, and we want you to experience our success for your business and community.

What are you doing within your business to build community? Give us a call at 303-300-2640 or contact us today!