Why SEO Fails and How to Prevent it from Failing

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As a Denver SEO company, it seems everyone who is looking for SEO marketing services has had a bad experience with an internet marketing company. There are many reasons why it was a bad experience, but the lowest common denominator comes down to communication. This blog is not intended to put down other SEO companies, but to be informative in how you can help your campaign be as effective as possible. Below are the three most common reasons why SEO fails and what you can do to avoid them:

Impossible Promises: Be wary of any internet marketing company that makes it sound simple to dominate the search engines. While it may be easy to rank in some industries where the competition level is low, most profitable keywords have a high level of competition that is also using SEO services. If SEO were as easy as some companies make it seem, everyone would rank number one for everything.So how can you tell if your SEO efforts even have a chance at having an impact on your bottom line? At Webolutions we do a competitive analysis to see not only who is ranking for the terms you’re after, but also to see how hard it will be to outrank them. This includes a thorough reverse engineering of the top competitors to show what efforts they are taking to rank where they do. From this you can tell whether or not your SEO budget is going to be enough to get to the rankings that will pay off for your company.

Wrong Focus: Many internet marketing companies will guarantee “top rankings in the search engines.” While this is an enticing promise, it is also very vague and easily misguided. For instance, you may get great rankings for terms but if they do not have anyone searching them then that ranking is not going to do your company any good. On the other end of the spectrum, you could get rankings for terms with plenty of search traffic but the traffic doesn’t end up generating any business for your company.So what can you do to make sure that your SEO efforts are being allotted to the right keywords? It boils down to communication, while your SEO company may think they know which keywords are relevant to your business they do not know your business like you do. Having open dialogue about which keywords are not only expected to bring traffic but are expected to bring customers will help narrow your focus onto searches that will generate revenue.

Under-Reporting/Not Communicating Results: While most SEO companies will give you a standard report they may not make an honest effort at explaining what the data means. While it looks great on a report to have number one rankings for keywords, this should not be where the reporting stops. Having top rankings in the search engines is not your ultimate goal, it’s to bring in new business. No matter the goal of your website, whether it’s to sell goods, generate leads, or even to provide information, your SEO Company should be using analytics to show you your return on investment (ROI). It is also possible that your SEO Company is doing a great job for you but they are not reporting thoroughly enough to track their impact.If your SEO Company is not giving you reports and explaining what impact they are having on your business you should start asking for them. If they are in fact having an impact on your bottom line they should be able to demonstrate it. Having dialogue about your results also helps guide the process of finding ways to better your efforts.

If you are unhappy with your SEO Efforts or you are thinking about starting a campaign sure to set proper expectations with your Internet Marketing Company. This includes what you can expect regarding rankings, how they report to you, how you track ROI, and the level of communication you are going to have. If you would like a free Online Marketing Evaluation, or would like to see how we can help you with your SEO efforts contact Webolutions today.

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