Doug Griffin

Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing

“I believe in achieving remarkable relationships with clients based on trust. Without trust, it is impossible to do great work – which is ultimately my goal. Part of that is simply getting to know clients and investing in them. But, it also means doing what you say you are going to do, being honest, and treating everyone with mutual respect.”


I have been working in strategic marketing communications since 1996. I have worked on marketing campaigns and strategies for a variety of clients from small companies to high tech start-ups and the Fortune 500. I worked with clients ranging from Mercedes-Benz to Microsoft as well as Qwest Communications. I have experience leading marketing strategy for clients in such industries ranging from health care and education to manufacturing and renewable energy. That range of experience is what keeps me excited about my career – always learning about new markets, customers as well as the changing marketing landscape in today’s digitally charged environment.

Some career highlights include successfully leading Microsoft’s mid-sized business relationship marketing program for both U.S. and Worldwide subsidiaries while at MRM San Francisco. This program contributed to significant license agreement renewals and customer satisfaction. For Qwest, I led the creation of an online Small Business Resource Center that helped owners make sense of technology and how it can help their businesses succeed.


As a Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing, I help Webolutions clients to:

  • Develop their brand positioning and their "why" to differentiate them from their competition
  • Create marketing strategies across digital and traditional environments
  • Create remarkable experiences that lead to repeat business
  • Create personas to deliver unique brand experiences
  • Track, measure and optimize campaigns and make sense of reporting



I do believe in certain core values that are unchanging. In marketing, whether you are doing digital or traditional, the brand story and your “why” have to be the center of everything you do.


I always try and look beyond just tactics and implementation. I like to see the whole picture and then sort out and identify the complexities to find patterns.


I have a desire to keep learning. I don’t believe in being an expert because once you are, you cease learning and expanding your knowledge which is dangerous given constant changes in our industry.

Doug Griffin's Other Passions

I have two boys and live with my family in Highlands Ranch. During my boys’ formative sports years, they employed me to help coach their soccer and baseball teams. They have now moved on to better coaches, with my oldest son continuing his soccer career in the UK! Aside from being a "family guy", I enjoy wine and wine culture thanks to spending over 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area where my wife and I enjoyed countless trips exploring Sonoma County. I love skiing thanks to being a Colorado native, but I wish I could get up to the slopes more frequently.

Fun Facts about Doug Griffin

  • Ability to answer random trivia questions based on 1980s era MTV, Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings
  • Climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
  • Jumped off the world’s highest bridge swing in South Africa
  • Favorite read: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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