How to Turn Your Website Visits into Sales Leads

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Most of us spend a huge amount of effort on website development making sure our sites are engaging, easy to navigate, and full of compelling information that will encourage visitors to reach out to us for more information. Unfortunately, on average, only 2 percent of web visits actually result in a proactive contact from the prospect. Imagine the upside if your sales team could increase that 2 percent to 10 or 20 percent.

There are numerous services on the market (Lead Forensics, Leadlander, VisualVisitor, VisitIQ, Relead and more) that can help businesses identify where their website visitors are coming from. None of these will get you to 100 percent identification; however, when you consider the starting point of 2 percent, anything above that is significant progress.

How Do Website Visitor ID Services Work?

All of these visitor identification services tend to work in the same way. You add a snippet of javascript to each page of your website. Then, when a visitor with an identifiable IP address arrives at your site, that IP address can be associated with a company name and location. The better visitor tracking systems will also be able to identify what search terms landed the visitors onto your website, when they visited, how much time they spent on your site and what pages they visited—in short, a wealth of information for your sales team to determine how serious a lead the visitor may be.

What is an identifiable IP address you might ask? It is a business-class connection using a T1 or better with a business-specific domain. On average, these services will be able to identify about 30 percent of a website’s visitors based on IP match.

How Helpful is just the Company Information?

Depending on your industry and the types of prospects viewing your website, company information may be all you need. For example, Webolutions uses Lead Forensics on our website, and because we work mostly with mid-sized companies, it is often not difficult to find the right contact person responsible for marketing and web development within the prospect company. We have set up the system to provide email alerts filtering out existing clients and job applicants. The Lead Forensics system (and most others) links to and LinkedIn to deliver individual employee information associated with the companies and titles we are interested in. These systems will also integrate with your CRM system so that your sales team can manage all activity via a single interface.

How to Use this Information

For B2B companies looking for ways to better capitalize on website traffic, visitor identification services make a lot of sense. They are not particularly expensive and are simple to install and use. Most come with a free trial period, so there is no downside with activating a trial to see what happens. For more ideas on how to convert web visits into leads, contact Webolutions today at 303-300-2640.

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