Kristin Dye January 12, 2018

Fool-Proof Guide to Staying on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

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New year, new you! (That’s what they say, right?) 2018 is here and we’re all pumped to improve ourselves. Finally! We’ve waited all year to begin again, start fresh, wipe the slate clean and be a better version of ourselves (our BEST yet!) Why do we do this each year? January is the month of people limping and wincing from injuries induced at the gym. And the guilt that overcomes us once we’ve blown it, makes for a sad February. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you decide to jump on the resolution train again this year, here is a guide to keep you on track.

Go Shorter

First things first, don’t declare grand resolutions that will last the WHOLE YEAR. You’re just setting yourself up for excuses to put it off as soon as you fall short. Once you fumble you’ll say “Well, I guess I’ll wait until next year since I’ve blown it.” And thus, here we are again, right where we were at the end of last year. If you make your resolutions in shorter increments, you have a better chance of hitting those goals and making new, even more challenging ones as the year goes on, regardless of setbacks along the way. How about a daily or weekly resolution? The idea is to make improvements in your life, not create more stress and guilt. If you are going to execute a plan to change something, make sure it is attainable.

The 1%

A wise (crazy buff) personal trainer once told me that if you make a 1% change each week, theoretically you could have made a 52% upgrade to yourself by the end of the year. Even if you miss a few weeks, you’re still looking at being 50% better by the time next December rolls around!

Get Specific

Along with these ideas, you’ve got to get specific. General declarations are pretty easy to cop out on without trying too hard. “I want to lose weight,” for example, is one of the most commonly made (and broken) resolutions year after year. Wouldn’t it be better to say “I want to lose 5 pounds in the next month,” (or three months, no one’s judging!)  It’s not so vague so that you procrastinate until November (and we all know that’s a bad time to start a diet!) Hitting specific goals will help you continue on your weight loss crusade throughout the year.

Power in Numbers

If your plan is to exercise and get fit, there is power in numbers (honestly, there’s power in accountability partners or groups for any resolution you may be looking to make.) Pick several people to work out with. For example, I joined a group last January, for a “6 Week Fitness Challenge” and there are five of us who are still in the group today working out three times per week, way past the 6 weeks that we set as our original goal. Sadly, if you pick just one person to team up with, it is much easier to skip a workout if your buddy is sick or out of town. A great group to join is headed up by our own John Brackney, called Webolutions Revolutions He will keep you on track, and you’ll have fun too!

Be Kind to Yourself

Above all, be kind and more patient with yourself and you will achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish. Whether you vow to lose weight, get fit, clean up your debt or quit smoking, take it day by day and you will still be making strides by summertime.

Right now, I just need to spend more time reading books and less time watching Netflix. (Oh, but wait, season two of The Crown is on…)

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