What Are the 6 Stages of Web Design?

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Web design is a complex process that involves a variety of important phases to ensure the finished product achieves your goals.

The following six steps are critical to the success of the project:

Identify your goals – Your web design company can’t deliver an effective website for the needs of your business without first understanding your goals. This is accomplished by holding a series of discovery meetings with your team intended to establish your most important business objectives. These goals will dictate the strategy and recommendations associated with your project.

Build a framework – Your web design agency will build a framework for your new website that will help you achieve your goals. The framework consists of the navigation outline as well as any specific functionalities that must be implemented with your website. After this framework is complete, a wireframe will be developed providing an overview of the entire website, and a mockup of your page design will help you get a sense for how the website will look and feel.

Designing and developing – Once you’ve approved the wireframe and mockups, it’s time to create the actual website that will bring your story to life. The design process includes implementing all colors and fonts used, as well as creating the specific layout of each page. A series of calls to action will also be designed that will help optimize your website for conversions. At the same time, a team of web developers will complete the back-end coding required to implement your website’s functionality.

Testing – Comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure the website is performing properly. Any issues identified during testing will be fixed before the website goes live.

Launch – Once testing is complete and any potential issues are resolved, it’s time to launch your website. After launch, the website can be viewed by any individuals who may be searching for the products/services you provide.

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance – In order to ensure your website continues to perform at a high level and achieve your goals, your web design company will continuously monitor its performance over time and recommend any updates necessary to drive the results you desire.


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