Mike Hanbery June 18, 2019

Enhanced WordPress™ Website Platform – Why We Don’t Use WordPress Themes

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When we selected WordPress as our primary platform in 2010, we quickly realized the constraints of themes and templates were too limiting for our clients. The assumptions underlying themes prevented us from providing the website creation experience our clients deserve.

WordPress themes are designed to be easy for web designers and developers to operate within a predetermined framework. This limits customization and scalability. Because every organization has different goals, different audiences with different needs and different and always-evolving visions of what their website should be and do, it is impossible to create a theme capable of meeting the endless breadth of requirements. These limitations created dissatisfaction among our staff and our clients.

At the same time, we were very happy with the cost and time savings and ease of use WordPress provides. The open-source nature of the platform and robust global community of WordPress experts provided previously unachievable control and built-in redundancies for our clients. It was the perfect vehicle for our Performance by Design™ approach.

We started creating websites within 90 days of the creation of the Internet. Before open-source Content Management Systems (such as WordPress) came along, the trade-off was that while you had to be a programmer to make any change to the site, the programmer’s acumen presented the only constraint. And because we only hire the best designers and programmers and live by values that include treating challenges as exciting opportunities, we co-existed poorly with these limitations. We have systems to help our clients identify and operate in unique market positions. Telling them they need to fit into a box when it came to their website just doesn’t compute.

Most WordPress designers and developers resolve these problems with Band-aids. They attend workshops at WordPress conventions to learn how to change the code within WordPress templates. They read instructional guides and watch YouTube videos that espouse linking “child themes” to “parent themes.” These solutions solve the problem for businesses who see their jobs as to give the client a website, collect a check, and move on to the next client.

Our business model centers on long-term relationships. We are more than a website company. Our purpose is to help passionate people thrive. The websites we create are built to achieve goals for our clients on an ongoing basis. We intend to be your accountable partner. Permanently.

The risks and downsides of the solutions adopted by our competitors are unacceptable. They include weaker website infrastructure, complicated experiences for website administrators, and “code bloat” which slows website download speeds and compromises performance. You can’t build a website like this and then look your client in the eye and say, for example, that it is optimized for search engines, or for user experience, or that training a new user will be easy. Well…okay, you can, but you’re not being truthful, either because you don’t know any better or because you are perfectly comfortable looking someone in the face and telling a lie because you think if you do, they might give you money.

Our in-house application development team resolved this issue the hard way: By creating our exclusive Enhanced WordPress Platform.

When you choose Webolutions to create your WordPress website, you still enjoy all the base functionality and user-friendliness of WordPress, with a standard suite of plugins our experts have pre-qualified to provide you the best possible results. The platform scales—like a website should—maximizing its utility, performance and longevity.

It’s better for us, too. We remain free to make any design and functionality recommendations we believe will help you achieve your goals, and to collaborate and act on your ideas based purely on their merits, and all of us remain free to think outside the box. Any time, all the time.

Getting your WordPress website built on the cheap will cost you money every day after you make that decision. Avoid transactional vendors. Stay outside the box. You deserve a professional partner whose success is tied to yours. Let’s get you one. Today.

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