Effective Web Design: 5 Key Elements

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Effective SEO Begins with Smart Website Design

  1. Keep It Simple– One of the main keys to great web design is keeping the design simple. If the site is too complicated or too much of a hassle for the user, they won’t hesitate to simply leave and find a more usable site. A simple, easy to use site keeps users engaged in your site. Simplicity comes in many forms – one of which is getting the user to the information they desire in as few clicks as possible. Another form of simplicity to focus on is the background of the site. Loud or extremely busy backgrounds tend to detract users from the main purpose of the site. Too much going on with the design can make the site look cluttered, which may very well cause you to lose your visitors.
  2. Good Navigation – The navigation of your site should always be user-friendly. Prior to designing, you should sit down and lay out a strategic, logical navigation, aimed at getting the user to where you want them to be (i.e. – converting into a client.) The best way to determine good navigation is to conduct competitive and other research. Who is your target user? How do they consume information? Why are they at your site? What do they want? Once you have these questions answered, you can design the navigation for “them,”, creating a navigation that will get them to where they should be in as few clicks as possible.
  3. Clear Purpose– Without a clear purpose, you will never be able to determine whether or not you have an effective website, as you will not know exactly what to measure. What is your goal with this site? Is it to generate immediate sales? Is it to increase brand awareness, or maybe even to establish/confirm credibility? Once you determine the purpose of your site, you can work towards creating one that is effective for your purpose.
  4. Good Information Flow – Your user should see what you want them to see when they get to your site. Their eye should automatically be drawn to exactly where you want them to look first, and then their eye should follow the path in which you want it to follow. (i.e. – maybe you want them to notice your logo first, then a few sentences about exactly what you do, then a call-to-action, or other way for them to do business with you.)
  5. Quick Load Time – Your website should always load quickly. Then, once loaded, it should convey its message quickly and without wasting the visitor’s time. Remember that most visitors are impatient, and have a pretty low tolerance for waiting around for their information. In terms of load time, even 5 seconds can feel like an eternity.

What elements do you consider when creating your EFFECTIVE site design?

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