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In the world of search engine marketing there is a constant struggle to find a balance between what is good for the search engines and what is good for the reader. Obviously there is a need to have your keywords present within your content in order to rank for those terms in the search engines. On the other hand it is important not to cannibalize the quality of your content in order to try to gain ranks.

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If you follow my posts you can tell this is a topic I am very passionate about. I strongly believe that having relevant, high quality content is the only way to maintain high rankings. Here’s why I’m so determined to get this message through: if you do it right from the start, you won’t have to redo it every time Google releases an update. There are still optimizers out there who will try to game the system by cramming keywords onto a page. The search engines are constantly working to eliminate these pages and bring the best results to the top of their results pages.

Whether you have analytics installed on your website or not, the search engines can tell when someone clicks on your website and leaves in 10 seconds. If the majority of the visitors to a page are bouncing it will not rank for long. A great way to cause this to happen is to force keywords into sentences for the sake of keyword density. It doesn’t read naturally and it takes away from the credibility and enjoyment level of your content. This strategy also isolates the other important aspect of ranking organically, inbound links. Even if the quality of your content is great and it is extremely relevant and informative, people are less likely to share it if it is a blatant plug for your company.

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So when you’re writing your content with search engines in mind, make sure your keywords are worked in organically. A good way to make sure that you’re doing this is to make sure your keyword is the focus of the article. This is a good way to prevent yourself from trying to focus on more than a few keywords per page. It will also help you put keywords into the content organically. If you find yourself writing a sentence for the sole purpose of adding your keyword, take a step back and see if it actually adds any value to your post. If it doesn’t then your should reconsider adding it at all.

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