Webolutions Launches QuickDrain Responsive Website

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Client Name: QuickDrain USA™

Client Website URL: www.QuickDrainUSA.com

Project Type:  New QuickDrain Responsive Website Design

Client Background:

An award-winning linear shower drain manufacturer, QuickDrain USA, invites you to explore the possibilities for the curbless shower of your dreams! Their innovative products have revolutionized shower design, combining alluring form and effortless function in their easy-to-install linear drain systems.

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Create a WordPress website with a fresh look and feel that emphasizes their upscale products
  • Improve organic search results
  • Provide information to the media
  • Provide access to information about their products
  • Create a website design that has a responsive design

Highlighted Solutions – This Website has the following Features and Functions:

  • Drain Cover Portal Areas – The drain covers are highlighted in portal areas on the homepage, above the large image slider.
  • Product Page Template – The special product page template allows for slider images of the product as well as customized tabs that can highlight more detailed information about each product.
  • Where to Buy (Store Locator) – This database of retailers makes it very easy for site visitors to find a retailer near them.
  • Form and Function Blog – This section allows site admins to post about all of the interesting happenings within the company as well as industry trends.
  • Homepage Portal Areas – The portals on the homepage allow for the targeting of specific marketing messages, important events or to highlight new products.
  • Homepages Slider – This section of the homepage allows for quick editing of beautiful images to highlight specific marketing messages and the ability to click through to interior pages of the website.
  • Image Gallery – This custom-built image gallery makes it easy for site admins to add an image gallery. It is very simple to use and organize. Makes highlighting the beautiful imagery a breeze.
  • Responsive Web Design – This provides resolution-specific viewing and functionality experience on tablets and mobile phones so the website looks great on any size device.
  • A very simple to use Content Management System (CMS), which utilizes our Enhanced WordPress Platform™. This allows the ability to add new site pages, edit content, edit images, add videos, edit forms and control all aspects of the site. It also seamlessly incorporates many key WordPress Plugins that greatly expand the functionality of these base tools.
  • eNewsletter Sign Up – Site visitors can easily sign up to receive the Form & Function eNews by filling out the short form in the footer.
  • Social Sharing – This functionality is very simple for users to share content via their own social media networks.

Please let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

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