SOS Approach to Feeding

SOS Website Design and Development by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency Denver, Colorado 3
SOS Website Design and Development by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency Denver, Colorado 3
SOS Website Design and Development by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency Denver, Colorado 3
SOS Website Design and Development by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency

Meet SOS Approach to Feeding

We believe in helping others reach their full potential. We understand that having a picky eater presents an emotional and logistical challenge you want to face with compassion, empathy, and a feeding program proven to work. That’s why we created the SOS Approach to Feeding. We know it’s much more than "just a phase," and that ensuring your child or the patients in your care are getting the nutrients necessary to not just survive, but flourish, is no easy task.

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Project Key Services / Elements

The Building Blocks of Success
Brand Platform Development
Website Design

Achieving Success: Goals, Strategy, and Results

Charting our Course, Executing with Precision, and Celebrating Achievements


SOS Approach was ready to take their offering to the next level with the creation of a website that not only featured necessary information about their methodology but offered a membership for continuing education about the methodology, exercises that can be practiced at home and more.

The goals set out at the start of the project were to create the membership functionality in a tiered manner, to make access to basic information about the SOS Approach easy and efficient, and to highlight upcoming events, workshops and more.

Alongside the website project, SOS Approach to Feeding worked with Webolutions to solidify their brand and create a new logo and color scheme that supported this branding and storytelling approach.


In order to accomplish the complex functionality of this website, extensive scoping was used to determine what that functionality would look like both from a front and back end perspective for members, admins, and free users.

We also created a logo and website design based on brand story, client goals and target audiences. Using these design elements and the brand story, the front-end portion of the website (before members sign up) was conceived, designed, developed and populated.

Furthermore, Webolutions created a system to help organize, categorize edit and populate content into the various membership sections of the site as well. We discussed extensively content best practices and how to structure content for their target audiences to make it engaging and valuable.


By focusing on serving the target audience with a smooth experience, we were able to create something that elevated their brand while expanding what they could offer the world at large. After launch, we worked together to fine-tune the back end and functionality to ensure that it accomplishes even unexpected desires from the target audience and evolves to meet the client’s needs as they adjust to the membership side of their organization.

The new website accomplished all the original goals of the project and within the first month of being live, the client had several membership signups.

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