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SecretCreek WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency
SecretCreek WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency - 3
SecretCreek WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency

Meet Secret Creek

Formally called Colorado Yurt Company, Secret Creek is a Colorado-based business that manufactures rugged, artistically engineered outdoor structures. They have three lines of products – Earthworks Tipis, Colorado Yurts and Destination Tents. Secret Creek has developed a reputation as an industry leader due to their quality products and exceptional customer service. Their structures provide unique living experiences for individuals seeking a greater connection with nature.

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Project Key Services / Elements

The Building Blocks of Success
Brand Platform Development
Website Design
Website Development

Achieving Success: Goals, Strategy, and Results

Charting our Course, Executing with Precision, and Celebrating Achievements


We set out to create a website for Secret Creek that achieved the following key objectives:

  • Encourage new orders from individuals and industry
  • Maintain our current search positions
  • Maintain the brand equity of Colorado Yurt
  • Introduce Secret Creek and the new brand/experience to the market
  • Stand out from the competitors as the premier shelter company for all 3 of our product offerings


This project involved a redesign of their existing website. There were a variety of complex functionality requirements that needed to be addressed as part of this project to ensure a seamless and great user experience, and to set their internal sales team up for success:

  • Client has 3 unique segments of their product line (Colorado Yurts, Earthworks Tipis, Destination Tents). We needed to create a website that highlighted the uniqueness of each of these 3 separate and unique product lines in a manner that also maintained cohesiveness for the overarching Secret Creek brand.
  • We needed a way to showcase the unique features/benefits of each product line and a way to highlight more of their beautiful imagery (the different nature of each product line required custom elements within a streamlined display method).
  • Client wanted a website with eCommerce capabilities for future use.
  • Client needed separate and unique forms for each product line, and they needed to be integrated into their sales software in a manner that would provide the level of organization their sales team needs to follow up on customer requests.


  • We designed a website that contains 3 sections that each have a unique color scheme and navigation to give each product line a distinct feel and address the different information architecture needed for each product line.
  • Each product line has its own Inspiration Gallery to keep these products separate for a better customer user experience.
  • Each product line also has its own FAQ section and Support section for better user experience. These sections were configured based on the specific needs of each product line.
  • We built a system that creates and manages packages for each product line. This system made it easy for customers to understand base price points as well as the additional options (and associated costs) they can request for their purchase. Example:
    • The packaging page for each product line contained the same elements, but different features and options based on the specifics of what’s available for each product line.
    • The packaging system contains a cost calculator at the side of the page that automatically updates as you add/subtract features so that you can have a more accurate idea of how much it will cost based on your desired features. This provides next level price transparency to the customer, helps them understand what’s involved in the process, and explains what is included and what each optional feature entails in greater detail for a better user experience.
    • We created unique forms for each product line that connect directly to their sales system, making it easier for their sales team to follow up with customers. This provides the sales team with greater knowledge of customer needs and speeds up response time.
    • This system also makes it easy for client to manage how their in-stock items are displayed on the website. Example:


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