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New Google AdWords Phone Verification

If you are currently running Google Pay Per Click ad campaigns, it is important to stay on top of any upcoming changes or updates. This newest update from Google AdWords states that, “Starting in June 2015, we’ll begin requiring verification of ownership for all call extension and location extension phone numbers.” If you have call extensions and location extensions that do not follow this policy, your extensions will be disapproved.

Very simply, you need to prove that the numbers you are using are associated with your business so your extensions will be approved and show with your ads. Call Extension Example - Webolutions

To see if your phone number needs to be verified, login to AdWords and go to the Ad Extensions tab. Phone numbers that need to be verified will show with “unverified phone” or “unverified” language next to them. Once you have determined that you need to verify your call or location extension, go to the drop-down menu to select the call extensions or location extensions option. You can verify your extensions using any of these ways:

  1. Make sure the phone number you are using is on your website or on the landing pages being used for those ads. The number has to be in text format vs. an image. Images don’t count.
  2. Link your AdWords account to your Google Webmaster Tools account. If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account, here are instructions to set that up.
  3. Add your AdWords conversion tracking code snippet to your landing page for those ads.

Once you have verified the phone, AdWords should update the verification status to approved, but it may take up to 7 business days to register. Keep in mind, if you are using third party call tracking, use the 2nd and 3rd option to verify the numbers.

How To Use This Information

It’s important to stay up to date with any changes happening when running Pay Per Click campaigns. If changes to policies happen and you don’t make adjustments or updates, you are only hurting the performance of your campaigns. Webolutions is part of the Google Partners program which showcases agencies that have certified AdWords specialists to work on your accounts. If you are interested in Pay Per Click management services, contact us online or give us a call at 303-300-2640.

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