Making It in the Inbox: Bounce Management

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This article is one of a series of blog posts Webolutions is publishing each month about increasing email deliverability for the new year. 

Take a good look at bounces. While many ESPs will remove hard bounces automatically, not all of them do so make sure to retire email addresses that hard bounce. Although soft bounces don’t necessarily need immediate action, if subscribers continue to soft bounce, it’s best to remove them for your list after several times. Some experts advise from brands taking bounce management into their own hands and suggest a third party solution. Regardless, reach out to your email service provider to understand why emails are bouncing and what you can do to be proactive in the future. Remember, bounces are inevitable.

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If your bounce rate exceeds 2% for any given email campaign, you’ll want to do some further investigating. Take a look at the email clients and domains that bounced. Is there a pattern? If so, you’ll have a direction to head in even though additional research is needed.

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