Experiential Marketing: What does your holiday card say about your business?

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Here we are, knee-deep in another hectic holiday season.  Do you have a plan to reach out to your customers and share the season’s greetings?  Is it a plan that will get noticed or one that will blend in with the rest?

The holidays present the perfect moment to communicate with your customers and show your appreciation.  Sending a holiday card is one great way to share some warmth with your loyal clients, and we highly recommend the gesture.  But, if you want your holiday greeting to really hit the mark, there are a few rules of thumb that you should consider.

At Webolutions, the Denver experiential marketing agency, we view holiday cards as a way to show customers that we care and deepen our client relationships.  For a greeting card to achieve that lofty goal, it needs to be carefully selected and personalized.  Too often businesses select a generic card; emboss it with their company name, print labels, stuff, and mail.  The net impact of this approach to holiday greetings is neutral if not downright negative.

In today’s online publishing world, there are a myriad of tools to help you design your own holiday card or personalize an existing design.  Your customers will notice if you take the extra time to depart from the generic and create a card that truly reflects who you are and why you are in business.   A well chosen card is part of a well-planned experiential marketing program.  In fact, if you do it well enough year after year, customers will start looking forward to your next installment of holiday cheer.

Here are some additional suggestions on how to deliver holiday cards that truly say “we care”:

Personalize Your Card Selection:  Make sure your card and its message reinforce your brand and who you are as a business owner, remember—people buy from people, so your card should be a reflection of you.  Always remain professional, but don’t be afraid to let your hair down a bit.

Personalize Your Delivery:  Whenever possible, sign your cards and include a personal note.  Address the envelopes by hand to demonstrate that your cards aren’t mass mailed.

Be the Early Bird: Getting your cards out early helps you stand out from the crowd and sends a message that your business is well run and organized.

Keep it Neutral: Don’t forget that your customers come from a variety of religious backgrounds.  Take care to remain neutral with holiday greetings that don’t presume a religious affiliation.

With just a bit of effort, your holiday cards can be transformed from banal to truly beneficial.  They are a great way to show customer appreciation while reinforcing the uniqueness of your brand.  A well executed holiday card program will keep your business top of mind with customers, remind them why they do business with you, and differentiate you from those businesses that didn’t make the effort to turn their holiday card into an experiential marketing opportunity.

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Demonstrating customer appreciation is an important part of an experiential marketing strategy.  Whether you send holiday cards, birthday greetings, host a summer picnic, or remember your customers’ favorite beverages when they visit, these gestures get noticed, remembered, and talked about.  These are the unique differentiators that drive online reviews and referrals.  Webolutions has helped hundreds of companies design and execute successful experiential marketing programs.  Contact us today at (303) 300-2640 to discuss how we can help you create a more unique customer experience.

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