John Vachalek December 23, 2009

Disney Experience Marketing is Second to None

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During a recent visit to Disney World, I saw some examples of experience marketing which I will be covering in this section of our blog over the next few weeks on the Disney and what is experience marketing. After all, Disney’s theme parks are one the ultimate testaments to the concept of Experience Marketing.

If all entrepreneurs could somehow capture the passion, vision, imagination and determination of Walt Disney, we would live in a truly amazing world.  Let’s break this down a little bit.

Disney was first recognized (after several failed business attempts) as an innovator in the world of animation and movies. They truly revolutionized the industry through innovations and drive. But, bottom line, they were a film production company.

However, Disney’s vision did not end there. He wanted to allow people to experience all the magic of their films in a world outside the movie theater. This is what truly brought and continues to bring the Disney brand to life. People are able to experience the brand of Disney in so many different ways. There are films, TV shows, theme parks and a cruise line. There is also special vocabulary, tons of memorabilia and an overall brand experience of brining magic into people’s life that makes the brand very tangible and understandable for everyone around the world.

How to use this Information
So, how can all businesses capture some of magic of the Disney experience and vastly increase their overall brand impact? The answer is so obvious and easy, yet the implementation eludes all but a chosen few business. All you need to do is

  • Clearly determine your brand experience. Is it bringing magic into people’s lives? or something else? It must have emotion and feeling!
  • Clearly define your key target audiences and learn about them and their lives
  • Create unique experiences, somewhat based on your products and services, that let people experience your brand as often as possible, throughout their lives.  These experiences should be also be accompanied with branded visuals, descriptive vocabulary and cool memorabilia.

That’s it!! That is truly all it takes to bring a brand to life. Disney was not always who they are today.  At one point in time, they were simply an innovative struggling film animation company. Through passion, vision, imagination and determination they have become a global icon as the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate.

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