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At this point in time, it is probably safe to claim there is a world-wide obsession with Social Marketing and its importance on daily life operations. It is difficult to go anywhere in today’s online marketplace without noticing a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Flickr icon.

As businesses switch to aim their marketing campaigns through social media, they are trying to use all available networking sites. Most businesses are not just on one of these social networks, but rather as many as they can get their hands on. It is becoming continuously easier to manage the various social networking Websites at the click of a button. With the help of numerous applications and creativity the sites’ are developing several different ways to connect to one and other.

Take for example, Webolutions’ Facebook Page. Any Fan of Webolutions’ Facebook Page can find a link directly to Webolutions’ Twitter, Flickr, Blog, MeetUp, and YouTube. Not only are there links to all of these sites, but direct feeds from the sites as well.

At the top of Webolutions’ Profile Page, a fan will find an RSS Tab that has a direct feed from Webolutions’ Blog. This updates automatically any time there is a new post. Webolutions’ Flickr account feeds the same way that Webolutions’ Blog does, directly into the Facebook Page. This is an automatic update that occurs without any additional work from the user.

Social media seems to be a growing trend among Websites. It is very common now to find a Website with multiple links to their social networking sites. In fact, try finding a major site that has no social links at all, it is nearly impossible. If they do not have a link now, chances are that will change within the next six months.

In a previous Webolutions’ Blog post, there was a case study done on the popular Website, This Website incorporated social media in a very unique way, and proved how prominent it is becoming no matter what you are advertising.

The value of this knowledge is essential if you are maintaining Social Marketing sites for your business. By knowing which applications are reliable, and how to connect them throughout all of your different sites can save a lot of time. In addition, posting different social networking sites on your various Websites, like did, can provide free advertising and return on investment.

As this Social Marketing trend grows throughout the online marketplace, it will benefit your business greatly to stay on top of your own Social Marketing. The potential ROI from it will be worth your time spent maintaining the various Websites. Considering the immense participation it takes to be involved in social networking sites, I encourage you to share your thoughts here about how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc…have benefited your company.

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