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The shared experience. Priceless. Just consider the precious moments in our professional and personal lives where we are connected with someone who was with us or experienced the same or similar event. We often think of the shared experience of joyful events, ceremonies, vacations and accomplishments. They are worthy of reflection and yearning to repeat them and we’re pleased when others join “the club”.

Some of the strongest shared experiences come under unfortunate, harsh and even tragic circumstances. These, although we wish no one to join us, often create the strongest connections and bonds once things settle down and with the healing power of time. “War stories”, overcoming accident or illness, start-up failures, job terminations, all, after the pain has subsided, forge the strongest lifelong ties when “cemented” properly.

When we connect emotionally to a person or a group of people at a positive or negative “event,” we’re much more likely to stay involved and care about the individuals for a much longer time. These make life valuable.

How a Shared Experience Is Important to Your Business

Now, how is a shared experience important to your business? Do your employees care about you and your business? Are they with you through good and bad for the long term? Do your customers or clients like your product or service or are they willing to fight for your product or service? If your business thrives, do you have a team of contractors, suppliers, neighbors, customers, clients, past employees and community leaders cheering you on to greater success?

This shared experience can be gained in common ways such as how your team handles complaints, responds to social media posts, welcomes and follow up before and after events. Deeper shared experiences are gained by when and how you reach out to clients and prospects. Are you there for them when they need you, not only when you need them?

Are you willing to take the time to significantly deepen a relationship with your time and a shared experience? You know when others do this for you and how much it means. Now’s the time to do this for others.

How to Use this Information

Webolutions will work with you and your team to create and execute an individualized plan for senior team members to build positive shared experiences for all key clients and prospects. This non-traditional marketing is best suited for a long-term professional and personal success for those that wish to make a powerful impact in their business and in their community. We’re ready to help you succeed! Just give us a call at 303-300-2640.

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