5 Marketing Automation Myths

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It’s no secret. Marketing automation has changed the way companies approach marketing. Yet, as of last year, only 60% of large companies and 10% of small companies utilize this powerful tool. Why? Perhaps it has to do with these five marketing automation myths…

Myth 1: Marketing Automation is Expensive

While marketing automation software can easily cost tens of thousands per month, there are many cheaper alternatives. In the past 5 years, the affordability of robust automation tools has dramatically increased. Many fantastic systems, like Infusionsoft CRM, start under $200 a month. Very small businesses can even find free options.

Myth 2: Automation Marketing is Only for Large Teams

Unfortunately, many believe marketing automation requires large teams to operate. This simply isn’t true. A single marketer can run an effective automation program. In fact, small teams benefit the most, as it allows them to accomplish exponentially more.

Marketing automation levels the playing field for businesses. You no longer need a large team to produce customized, large-scale results. Automating repetitive tasks and building robust campaigns frees your small team to focus on big-scale ideas.

Myth 3: You Can Set It & Forget It

You can blame these marketing automation myths on all the well-meaning salespeople. Great campaigns certainly run in the background, generating revenue without requiring manual action. However, most campaigns require occasional monitoring and updates. Use reporting to check effectiveness, then make small tweaks to maximize performance.

Myth 4: It’s Intrusive

Many believe the technology behind marketing automation leads to intrusive messaging. But, marketing automation is only intrusive if done wrong. In fact, 75% of consumers like it when brands personalize messaging and offers, according to a study by Contentrific.

So how do you avoid intrusiveness? Carefully craft your message and timing for relevancy and conversion. You definitely don’t want to bombard your prospect with stalker-like spam. But, a relevant, personalized message/offer will typically be well-received.

Myth 5: Automated Marketing is just a trend

Automation may be newer to the marketing scene, but it’s here to stay. While automation adoption rates recently skyrocketed, marketing automation tools have been around for over 15 years. They continue to evolve, building even better tools and technologies.

A recent study by Pardot showed that nearly 70% of top performing companies use marketing automation. And with good reason! It saves times, automates processes and increases conversions across the entire customer lifecycle.

We hope busting these marketing automation myths helps you see the value in implementing this powerful tool.

Not currently using marketing automation? Now is the time to get started! As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Webolutions can help you craft a marketing automation strategy that will grow your business while saving you time.

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