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How to Monitor Search Engine Rankings

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This article explains Google search engine rankings.  You’ll learn what search engine rankings are, why search engine rankings are important and how you can monitor search engine rankings.


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Table of Contents: Monitoring Search Engine Rankings

1. Google Search Rankings Explained

2. Learn How to Monitor Search Engine Rankings

3. Search Engine Rankings Checker Software

4. Search Engine Ranking Results Report

5. Best Search Engine Rankings Tool


How to Monitor Search Engine Rankings with Search Engine Rankings Checker Tools


1. Google Search Engine Rankings Explained

What are search engine rankings? – Search Engine Ranking Definition

Google search engine rankings list website pages that are most likely going to provide the information you are seeking based upon your search query.

How are Search Engine Rankings Determined?

Google uses a complex mathematical algorithm to determine which websites and web pages are going to answer a Google user’s query as fast as possible.  Google’s search engine is so popular because they continually improve their algorithm to ensure you receive an answer to your question as quickly as possible.

Google’s understands that finding information online quickly is their primary service. If you or I cannot find the answer to our question on Google, we would likely start looking for a Google alternative that might provide the answer we seek.  Google’s search query service becomes more useful and, subsequently, valuable the more often it is used, therefore, they continually tweak the methodology used to provide better, more accurate results.

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Why is Search Engine Keyword Rank Important?

Ranking well on search engines like Google or BING is important to businesses because it provides greater brand visibility and recognition.

Google Search Results Rankings

Approximately 75% of search engine users find the answer they are seeking on the first page of Google, therefore, if one does not rank on page one, they will receive little website traffic.  Ranking on page one of Google is very important. Ranking in the top 3 positions is critically important to the success of a business or organization because this is where most users find their answer.

2. How to Monitor Search Engine Rankings

Tracking Search Engine Ranking Results

The goal of search engine optimization, known as SEO, is to improve the ranking of specific web pages with the goal of achieving a ranking within the first 3 positions on Google. Rankings are tracked and monitored using rank tracking software that can automatically record and store ranking results data.

Search Engine Rankings Report

SEO experts use many different tools to perform, track and report search engine rankings.  Without a detailed search rankings report, one cannot measure the impact of their search engine optimization efforts.  SEO involves implementing various strategies and measuring the success of these strategies over time using search ranking reports.  These reports help track the fluctuations in rankings with the goal of identifying and implementing successful SEO techniques.

3. Search Engine Rankings Checker Software

How do I Monitor Search Engine Rankings?

Monitoring search engine rankings is accomplished by using rank tracking software to obtain and store keyword rankings data over time to measure SEO performance.

There are several good search engine ranking tools and software available to check rankings, keep historical search ranking results and provide detailed search ranking reports.  Search ranking checker software provides SEO professionals the insights they require to know which search optimization strategies work best.

Search Engine Ranking Services

For those who do not wish to learn how to monitor their search rankings, you can hire a search engine ranking service to monitor and report your rankings.

4. Search Engine Ranking Results Report

Search engine rankings reports are critical to the success of a website because they help identify performance trends and the level of online visibility.  SEMrush, for example, provides a “Visibility” metric that is different than simply tracking what position a website ranks for a keyword.  While tracking rankings is important, the goal of SEO experts is to increase website visibility, the amount of traffic a website receives and, ultimately, increase the number of website conversions (i.e. form completion, phone call, sale, etc.)

Example Search Rankings Results Report from SEMrush

Key Take-aways:

1. Traffic from Search Engines
2. Number of Keywords Ranking
3. Value of Traffic from Search
4. List of Top Keywords Ranking
5. Ranking Position

Example Search Rankings Report


5. Best Search Engine Rankings Tool

What are the Best Search Engine Ranking Tools?

There isn’t any one best search engine rankings tool because they each have their own strengths. One search engine rankings software may be the best tool for one situation while a different tool may be the best for a different situation.

Furthermore, I’m sorry to say, there is not one tool that is 100% accurate for everyone because the databases from which they collect Google search engine rankings results vary and may be different than the Google database you use, or your client may use.  The reality is that if an SEO agency is to report the most accurate search engine results, manual checking will be involved.

The Best of the Best Search Engine Rank Tracking Tools


SEMrush Inc. is a company known for its top-rated keyword research, business intelligence and online competitor analysis software. SEMrush offers a variety of metrics to help you understand the domains your website competes with, your general market and industry of your business. You can use our tool to help develop your advertising strategy and determine the general direction of your business.


Ahrefs is one of the leading data companies and providers of SEO tool sets. Their goal is to help companies invest their money in smart SEO strategies and help maximize traffic to their website. With their tools, Ahrefs provides a means to save your company time by automating your marketing practices. When you understand how to use Ahrefs, these tools can assist with everything from backlinks, to keyword tracking, to domain rating.

For more information, Nozak Consulting provides a very good explanation of the Ahrefs SEO Tracking Software.


Moz is a subscription-based product designed to offer everything you need for effective SEO strategy and implementation. It covers all the SEO basics like Keyword research, improving rankings, and competition analysis all wrapped up in a nice, neat bundle to use at every stage of inbound marketing. What I find convenient about this keyword research tool is the different features and functionalities that are bundled up together to form an arsenal of weapons to tackle SEO head on.

For more information, Quora provides helpful insights to better understand Moz.


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