John Vargo

Digital Marketing Manager

The world revolves around relationships. Honest, open relationships result in trust, true communication and efficiencies. The lack of transparency subverts the overall betterment of mankind. I believe we should strive to be empathetic in order to achieve greater objectivity and make optimal decisions in all areas of life, both personally and professionally.


I am passionate about working with data and identifying trends not immediately apparent to others. I have 20 years’ experience in search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing and website optimization and am a self-taught SEO expert who achieved #1 rankings for the most competitive one and two-word terms. My wife, Alicia, and I  built a multi-million-dollar eCommerce business with close to a half-million visitors per month. I earned my MBA from St. Mary’s College and have a BS in finance and logistics from Syracuse University.

As a marketing and Denver SEO expert, I enjoy helping companies grow their online visibility and achieve top rankings. I love working at Webolutions because we have a great team of talented individuals who excel in brand development and strategic marketing.


My responsibilities as Online Marketing Manager and SEO consultant:



I believe in collecting necessary data and facts to achieve a comprehensive understanding then consider both traditional and innovative means for proceeding. I quickly understand data and patterns and apply ingenuity to achieve optimal results.


Making a positive difference is one’s life or business provides me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. To this end, I go above and beyond to achieve results.


Little in this world is achieved without the support and influence of many people and events in our lives. I strive to understand and apply diplomacy to bring people together and achieve a common goal.

Fun Facts about John Vargo

  • Glass Artist (left-hand scar from an 1800 degree flame. Ouch!)
  • Abstract Painter (love to use acrylic paint and crushed glass)
  • A beekeeper (nothing like having 60,000 little friends)
  • Remarried (so thankful because I met my soulmate)

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