John Vachalek May 14, 2013

Current Marketing Trends – Humanize Your Business

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All trained salespeople have most definitely heard the statement, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” But, this simple phrase also has huge implications for those in marketing, especially in the age of social media.

As a Denver digital marketing agency, we continually identify and evaluate current marketing trends . We also provide insights as to how the world of marketing is changing and how current marketing trends must evolve for smart companies, those with vision, to stay ahead of the curve. To see how this simple statement applies to the world of marketing, we should first take a look at how the model of building business relationships has evolved:

The Typical Relationship Progression Model
Meet -> Relationship -> Familiarity -> Trust -> Customer
In this model, I would meet someone at school, church, the rotary, etc.. I would talk with them and we would begin to develop a relationship, based on common interests. This would lead to familiarity with them. This familiarity would create trust. This trust leads to a business relationship.

The Online Relationship Progression Model
Issue -> Search -> Education/Value -> Expert -> Trust -> Customer

In this model the individual has an issue.  They conduct an online search. The find valuable information and may even engage in some sort of ongoing education from the source company. They come to see the informational source company as an expert. This creates trust. This trust leads to a business relationship.

The Online Social Relationship Progression Model
Issue -> Search -> Education/Value -> Expert/Familiarity -> Trust -> Customer

This model is identical to the Online Progression Model, with one small difference. We have added the notion of familiarity. Familiarity is the X factor in a world of transparency and social media. We believe that the current marketing trends dictate that being an expert will not be as effective as being an expert who is also able to create familiarity with those in which they engage. Remember, People do business with people they know, like and trust.

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So, how as a subject matter expert who adds value to the online engagements that you have, are you able to add this key element of familiarity? If you have done a good job with your company branding and focused on the experience of your brand rather than the attributes of your product (Experiential Marketing), this will be a much easier task.  But if not, here are some good starting points.
1)    Openly share information about your team and culture. What make you special?
2)    Openly request and share feedback about your products and services
3)    Post images and video of you team interacting with clients to deliver great experiences
4)    Openly share why you are in business and what you believe about the world
5)    Openly share how you are making a difference in the world aside from effects of the products or services you are selling

How to Use This Information

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