John Vachalek April 12, 2010

Customer Experience Marketing Defined

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Experience Marketing or Experiential Marketing can be defined as:

Intentional activities which immerse people within your brand through the stimulation of their senses, which results in a positive, emotional tie to your company.

Customer Experience Marketing Examples

Disney World® – An interactive playground to promote the product of movies & entertainment. This is “The most magical place on earth” where customers are called “guests” and employees are called “cast members.”

Starbucks Coffee – A total coffee experience that stimulates your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. They even have their own unique vocabulary for ordering a drink.

All industries evolve through the same stages of development.  These phases are:

  1. Commodity – Only one provider in the space, you want it – we have it
  2. Product – The features of the widget are the primary focus of the offering
  3. Service – The ability to be available and provide the expected product support
  4. Experience – The interactions beyond the expected, which create emotional ties to your brand through intentional events
  5. Transformation – Truly changing your clients thoughts, feelings AND daily activities as a result of your brand interactions

At each phase in this evolution, the events surrounding your brand offerings are further customized to enhance the experience of specific individuals. What would make their experience with the brand better? This is why the companies listed above are the undisputed brand leaders.

Typically, we find businesses stuck somewhere between the product and service stages of development. At best, they have an amazing product and are really working on their level of service. Rarely do we find businesses that provide a truly unique, interactive, emotionally binding experience to their clients.

Another important point which needs to be made, is that all businesses are already providing an experience to their clients. Every time you talk with your clients on the phone, every time you deliver your services to them and every time you interact with them, there is an experience that takes place. The question is, are you doing this with the intention that it deserves?

How to use this Information

  • Review the experience that you are providing to your clients.  Is there anything truly unique and different?  Does this always create an emotional response, or is this just good customer service? Be honest!! If anyone else comes close, you are simply competing on service.
  • Determine your brand experience.  What feeling should your clients have about your brand? Clearly define this. This is the only way you can succeed.

Are you effectively using Experience Marketing in your business?  Please feel free to submit your brand experience below to share with others.  Use this to promote your company and your brand!

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