Mike Hanbery January 3, 2018

Maximize Your CRM and Marketing Automation with Small Business Website Design

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As the first in a series about how small businesses can maximize marketing results from Contact Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation, this article explores synergies between small business website design and Infusionsoft, a CRM and Marketing Automation solution specifically designed for small business.

Wondering how CRM and marketing automation and web design tie together? Goals for small business web design often include ongoing lead generation. The best way to convert those leads? With CRM and Marketing Automation.

And this works vice versa. Small businesses seeking to maximize results from CRM and Marketing Automation should examine their website considering factors like design, user experience and search engine results.

CRM and Marketing Automation & Client Conversions

Prior to ensuring your website and automation are a well-oiled machine, it’s important to understand the role CRM and Marketing Automation play in increasing conversions.

How does CRM get more clients? A small business tool such as Infusionsoft does this through Right Time Marketing. Delivering the right communications to the right people at the right time based on custom factors. Often, this starts with a building a sales pipeline.

For a small business with a consultative sales model, stages within the CRM sales pipeline may include:

Lead – This person has stated an interest in talking, but has not been contacted.
Qualification – This person has been contacted and we are determining if they are qualified
In Discussions – This person has been engaged, and we are actively communicating with them.
Proposal Delivered – Discussions have identified a solution set, and we have provided our recommendations with associated pricing..
Won / Lost – A decision has been made and communicated. The initial sales process has concluded.

But, how does this cycle begin? how does the new prospective client enter the pipeline in the first place? One of the most consistent drives for leads should be your website. And what makes allows a website to do this? Search rank for relevant terms and user experience.

If you are wondering if your website and automation are set up for success, ask yourself these four questions.

1. Is your small business website positioned optimally in search engine results?

Are you achieving a Return on Investment (ROI) from search engine optimization (SEO) and/or search engine marketing (SEM), like pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords? SEO and SEM are two key ways new prospects find your website.

Effective small business websites understand the opportunities, necessary investment, and expected return before designing the website. Smart small business owners construct their websites to score for keyword searches relevant to their product or service, and for which they can realistically expect to compete. Then, they supplement with additional lead generation strategies like SEM.

2. Does your website clearly convey your brand message?

Once a person arrives at your website, is the information they seek easy to find? Is it presented in an order and style they find agreeable and user friendly? In the web design business, this is commonly called User Experience (UX).

Generally, people decide if they like your website within a few seconds. The biggest (subconscious) factor in this decision is color. People of different backgrounds, education and income levels, ages, etc., react differently to different colors and imagery, voice and tone, vocabulary, etc. Is your Brand Platform clearly defined? Is it evident on your website? Is the messaging on your website consistent with your other communications assets?

3. Is your website built to convert the right visitor?

Effective small business website design includes easy ways to contact a person or request additional information. Clickable phone numbers, engaging landing pages with clear calls to action, and engaging content are all elements of an intentional, clearly-defined website conversion funnel. Once action is taken, it should seamlessly connect to your CRM and Marketing Automation. Does this describe yours?

Is your small business website designed to appeal to the personas who are most likely to be your best clients? Is it built to convert interest into a lead? Is the connection to your pipeline automated?

4. Is your website fueling your CRM and Marketing Automation system?

A regular influx of new prospective clients is a standard element of effective CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Delivering new prospective clients to that system is the function of effective small business website design.

Generating synergy between your small business website design and your CRM and Marketing Automation system improves the returns you can receive from an investment in both.

Key Takeaways:

  • CRM and Marketing Automation and Small Business Website Design are synergistically linked to new lead acquisition and conversion
  • Small Business can increase lead conversions using a Right Time Marketing automation in their pipeline
  • Websites should be designed with a lead generation strategy (SEO & SEM)
  • The user experience on your website should be customized for your audience and the messaging compelling and engaging
  • Your website conversions should seamlessly integrate with your CRM and marketing automation tool

To speak to more of the right people, and close more business, faster, talk to Webolutions about how to integrate CRM and Marketing Automation with your small business web design.

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