Mike Hanbery March 6, 2015

Understanding Facebook Relevance Score

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Facebook is continuously working to improve the experience for people and businesses alike. In the process of doing this, Facebook has added a relevance score to their advertising platform to ensure people see ads that matter the most to them. This will ensure a pleasing experience for the user. Learn how to make a Facebook page.

Understanding Facebook Relevance Score

So what is a relevance score? This is a visible metric in Facebook’s advertising reporting tool that will score your ad between 1 – 10, 10 being the highest. Facebook determines this number on positive and negative feedback expected, based on the ad’s objective. This mainly applies to advertisements that have an actionable outcome such as clicks, video views, installs, etc. Relevance score has a smaller impact on advertising campaigns that are driven on cost and delivery, like brand awareness campaigns.

When your relevance score is higher, your advertisement is more likely to be served than other ads to your target audience. This will then result in you paying less for that ad. If your relevance score starts to drop, this is a good indicator that it is time to refresh your ad. Refreshing an advertisement using new creative, messaging, look-a-like audiences and more can all improve the outcome of your ad.

How to Use this Information

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