John Vachalek April 2, 2012

Current Marketing Trends – Infographics The Art of Communication

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Information graphics or infographics are well-organized, visual representations of information and knowledge. Infographics allow the quick and clear conveyance of somewhat complex information via a more engaging, artful experience. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, and marketers are easily able to communicate complex concepts using a single symbol or graphic.

The coffee infographic featured in this post conveys the ingredients of popular coffee drinks (at a glance), all in a single, concise image. By looking at this image, anyone could quickly know what ingredients to use to make a caffe mocha.

Our Webolutions blog post, “Top Marketing Trends for 2012”  highlighted infographics as one of the upcoming trends in marketing  Last month our post, “Current Marketing Trends – Image-Based Communication – Picture Your Company” focused on the trend towards more image-based communications in marketing. The use of these visual communications is going to become more and more prevalent.

Since 1994, I have had the rare opportunity to observe and experiment using different types of communications with literally thousands of individuals. I have found that an overwhelming number of people respond far more favorably to visual information than written information. This is why infographics are becoming so popular. They combine the visual queues that trigger people’s thoughts with the hard facts and information they need to learn.  This is a powerful tool.

If you are new to infographics you can see more examples of these by doing web searches for your favorite information and after the keywords in your search, just add “infographic”. This will return examples of these for you. Or, if you want to see more marketing-related infographics, you can just follow me on Pinterest Some of the infographics featured there include:

–    Why Tablets are a Dream Come True for Retailers
–    The Anatomy of Content Marketing
–    The Science of Social Timing – When best to post to social networks

How to use this Information:

Think about the complex information that you convey to your clients or customers. Think about systems or processes that allow you to stand out from your competitors, but that your clients do not understand or of which they are simply not aware.

Think about the information, steps, ideas and concepts that you might better be able to convey via an infographic and begin the creation of your first infographic.

Use this infographic in your meetings with clients to show how you stand apart and see how much better they understand the information and your value proposition.

What are some examples of the ways that you are showing your story instead of telling it? Are you using infographics in your business, and what impact has this had?  We would love to hear from you.

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