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How can I create a powerful link?

Unless you know the search engine algorithms used to rank websites or you are an engineer at Google, the solution to this question may be difficult to answer. Here at Webolutions, we like to focus on these 10 factors when we develop a linking strategy.

Here is our guide of the 10 things to look for in a link-building campaign:

  1. It occurs naturally, or at least appears that way.
  2. It is one-way (non reciprocal).
  3. It uses the main keyword(s) for the page that it links to.
  4. It is from a site that is related and not off-topic.
  5. It comes from a Website with high search or high traffic volume.
  6. It passes link juice* and does not use a no-follow tag.
  7. The original site is receiving fresh links and not over-linking.
  8. The number of outbound links on the page is under 50.
  9. The originating site is indexed in all major search engines.
  10. You should cap the number of inbound links from a site to 10 to preserve IP diversity.

Quality inbound links make up a large part of your site’s relevancy and rankings. Generally links are never perfect, but they either pass ranking power (link juice) or they do not. The goal is, to keep the supply of links steady and not gain or lose too many too quickly. Having links with a high turnover rate will only result in either record breaking highs and very depressing lows for your websites overall stability. This will be seen as it fluctuates in the search engine result pages.

Action Items

A great way to check how many links you have and where they are coming from is to do a simple search on Google using the link command.  It’s very simple and informative, simply type in link:www.yourdomainname.com, (don’t forget the colon) and you will be able to sift through all your links. Still having trouble? Call us at Webolutions for a free consultation.

Chances are, if your Website experiences a dip in rankings it means one of two things. It’s either time to see if some of the links you have are coming from non-reputable sources, or some of your links stopped passing juice.

How are you obtaining links to your site? We would love to hear your opinions and comments!

*Link Juice – when you are linked to another site that ranks well or provides relevant content. In turn that bumps your site up because Google sees that and determines your site must be relevant or trustworthy to be linked. Essentially the more “juice” you have the better your site will rank.
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