John Vachalek September 14, 2012

Webolutions helps WhippleWood CPAs launch Wiki

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WhippleWood CPAs is a unique full-service accounting firm. The provide a wide range of services and have been recognized publically for their business’ successes and contributions to the Denver Business Community

The Goals & Challenges
As with all successful companies, one of the biggest challenges is the sharing and accessibility to company information, established best processes and operational standards. As a progressive firm, WhippleWood CPAs’ goals and objectives were to create a highly accessible, easy-to-use, corporate knowledge base for their team.

This knowledge base had to:

  • Be easy to administrate
  • Be easy to update
  • Be easy to search for information
  • Allow for document control based on different user permissions
  • Show recent updates to documents
  • Serve as the information portal for all the company communications

The Solution
To address the specific needs of WhippleWood CPAs, Webolutions created a corporate wiki, which was rolled out at their annual all team convergence in September. This extremely flexible corporate knowledge base solution includes:

  • A customized landing page for each member of the firm showing RSS feeds, company announcements and other information to improve communications
  • Brand consulting for the firm to define their overall brand experience
  • An information architecture which provides fast and easy access to corporate information, based on specific functions or specific team member needs
  • A dynamic search function that learns and becomes more efficient as searches are done
  • The ability to collaborate on individual and firm initiatives via the use of alerts and commenting
  • An easy browser-based interface to access all of their corporate information
  • The ability to set individual user permissions for each and every document
  • The ability to easily move and update documents within the system
  • The ability to set alerts and view the most recent changes to documents
  • Ongoing implementation guidance and consulting to ensure the success of the initiative

If your company would like to explore how a wiki may allow for better collaboration and access to your corporate knowledge, please feel free to contact Webolutions at 303-300-2640 for a complimentary initial consultation.

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