Making It in the Inbox: 11 Steps to a More Successful Email Marketing Strategy

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This article is one of a series of blog posts Webolutions is publishing each month about increasing email deiverability for the new year. Want to learn more inbox tips? Download a copy of our latest ebook, Making It in the Inbox in 2019: A Complete Guide to Better Email Deliverability.

When it comes to creating a more successful deliverability strategy and keep your email subscribers happy, your email list healthy, and your company’s brand reputation on point are key. When you see high opens and clicks, and low opt-outs, bounces and complaints, you can be sure not only is your content engaging, you’re doing all you can to optimize deliverability.

  1. Building an email list from quality sources from the very start will give you piece of mind down the road. You’ll be focused more on email strategy and growth rather than troubleshooting your ability to actually send emails.
  2. CAN-SPAM is the law. Not only should you implement it, embrace it and make it work in your best interest.
  3. The greater engagement subscribers have with your emails, the more likely other recipients will receive your emails. Consider using ZeroBounce for email list cleaning and reducing spam complaints.
  4. Once a prospect or customer signs up for your list, start sending email immediately to build a relationship and drive engagement.
  5. Subject lines must be compelling, persuasive, descriptive and testable.
  6. With limited real estate in the inbox, preview text allows you to get a secondary message — and another reason to open your emails — in front of subscribers.
  7. Steady change in email sending frequency is a sign of a healthy, legitimate email program. Establish a regular sending cadence while steadily sending more over time.
  8. While inactive emails may seem harmless, if ignored over time they can negatively impact the quality of your email list — increasing the chances of being sent to junk or even getting blocked.
  9. Don’t ignore bounce rates. If bounces spike or exceed 2%, further investigation is needed to assess.
  10. Old emails that don’t engage are potentially harmful and could end up being a spam trap. Take careful consideration to re-engage inactive emails; then purge inactives that never engage. Say goodbye to those invalid email addresses as well.
  11. Authenticate domains. It’s just that easy (well, ask your email service provider for guidance if you feel like it’s unchartered territory)

We’re here to help. If you’re looking to partner with someone when it comes to your email marketing, that’s where we come in. Give Webolutions a call today at 303-300-2640 or email and let’s get your emails in those inboxes!

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