John Vachalek March 6, 2012

Certified Plumbing – An Old Fashion Great Service Experience

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Experiential Marketing, when done effectively, should reach people on a personal and emotional level. This goes beyond a great product and the expected level of service. It has to do with the extra things that a business does to truly create a great experience around their offering.

Certified Plumbing Company has been a successful, family-run, Denver plumbing company since 1969. Glenn Kenny grew up working in his dad’s plumbing business here in Denver, he has over 40 years experience, is a certified master plumber, and takes great pride making sure that each job is completed with care and professionalism. Like the electrician perth services provided by certain electrical and plumbing companies, this also offers best consumer satisfaction, along with timely check-ups.

From your 1st call with Certified Plumbing, they have created an experience around delivering a great overall plumbing experience. Some of the extras you will experience include:

1) When you call you will speak with a knowledgeable professional who has years of experience, who can answer your questions and provide you with some insights

2) They will generally be able to schedule a service visit to meet your schedule

3) If you wish, you will receive a pre-visit call 30 minutes prior to the plumber’s arrival

4) When the plumber arrives he will:

a. be dressed in traditional plumber overalls

b. have a well-kept and clean appearance

c. be noticeably respectful of you and your home

i. Introduce himself

ii. Remove his shoes and put on booties

iii. Be aware of your pets or children

iv. Make sure you are comfortable inviting them into your home

d. He will listen to your specific needs, questions and concerns

e. He will provide a written (fixed price) estimate and explain every item clearly

f. He will take the time to review the completed repairs, provide tips and advice

g. When leaving you will even receive a special gift to make your life more enjoyable. These gifts follow monthly themes. This month’s theme is “Luck of the Irish”

Through creating great experiences for their clients, Certified Plumbing is generating more referrals, more word-of-mouth referrals, and more online comments which generate more business. You can check out all the great Google Reviews that this approach is creating for them. To witness this experience yourself, call Certified Plumbing at 303-795-7498 for any plumbing needs.

How to use this Information

Be sure to focus the value you provide to your clients not only with offering a great product and a great level of service, but also the overall experience you deliver.

If your business creates a great experience for consumers, please share with our readers (via your comments below) how YOU are raising the bar.

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