7 Ways to Create an Experience for Your Business

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Regardless of your offering, creating a positive experience is one of the most important things a brand can do. After all, a brand is simply a compilation of all the experiences consumers have with the company.

So how do you convert your offering from a commodity to create an experience? Follow these steps:


Every step of an interaction should be intentional and planned. The best way to accomplish this? Moment mapping. A good moment map details every point of a customer interaction. It should start with the first point of contact – often the parking lot or front door. Determine how they will be greeted, where they should go, what they should feel. Then move on with each step until their final touch point.


Look for small ways to delight your customers and set your brand apart from others. Use the moment map to discover small places to make a big impact. Maybe it’s a personalized note on the invoice, fresh flowers on each table or remembering the names of customer’s children. Small details make for a big impact.


We all (customers included) value efficiency. But, it’s important to ensure your efficiency doesn’t cut out personalization. All people want to feel valued and important. Our recommendation? Use tools – like marketing automation – on the repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to focus on delighting customers with personal touches.


Moment mapping, delighting and personalization are all important. But, if they aren’t consistent, it’s all for not. Your brand is the sum of ALL experiences, not just a few. Ensure proper training for all employees, so that every interaction conveys the same experience.


Everyone wants to be appreciated and businesses certainly appreciate their customers. After all, at the end of the day, they keep the lights on. Make sure you show your appreciation – whether tangibly or verbally. A hand-written note or a heart-felt thank you goes a long way.


Stop looking sideways at your competitors and start distinguishing your own brand. There’s no need to imitate. Your customers have chosen you for a reason. Keep them coming back, but provide unique touches that fit your brand and culture. Embrace your differences and don’t be afraid to stand out. Be it edgy wallpaper, clever verbiage, fun dress codes or unique entertainment. If you need help with these tasks, hiring a virtual assistant is the best option.


Make sure you take the time to pause and listen to your customers. Listen to what they say and what they don’t say. Pay attention to their stories, habits, families and reactions. They’ll tell you what they want. Pursue that whole-heartedly. Bring their wants, needs, delights, and goals into your experience and you’ll have their attention for a long time to come.

The ROI of Creating an Experience

Creating an experience brings value to your company in many ways. Repeat customers. Higher margins. Stability against threats and competitors.  Referrals. All of which grow your business, while reducing expenses like advertising, making an experience one of your top performing investments.

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