5 Email Marketing Problems (and How to Fix Them)

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Did you know the average person receives 121 emails per day? According to the blog, 11 downright spooky email marketing stats on MyEmma.com, that’s more than enough competition to deal with when you’re competing for someone’s clicks.

So, let’s pretend your subject lines are stellar, your content is always first-rate, and people are clicking your calls to action like they can’t get enough of your information. Maybe we don’t even have to pretend. Maybe you are on point and your email marketing is kicking…well, you get the picture. That all makes for a great story, but if you’re not turning those leads into customers, you might as well throw in the towel, right? WRONG! You need to figure out why these prospects aren’t converting and make changes…fast.

At Webolutions, you could say we know a thing or two about marketing (I mean we have been doing this for 22+ years), and we’ve heard many of the same gripes from our clients about their email marketing campaigns. This inspired us to create a list of the top five email marketing problems we hear about and how you can fix them. Prepare to be amazed…

1. “What Marketing Team?”

This is one of our all-time favorite issues with e-mail marketing—no marketing team. When you’re the owner of a company and you’re doing everything to just keep the train on the track, the first thing to fall to the wayside can be marketing. This is especially true if word of mouth is spreading in an outrageously positive way and your business is growing, but consider the long term. You need to stay top of mind with these people so they continue to purchase from you and continue to recommend you. It is imperative to the future of your business to organize and document your contacts in an email list so you can continue to touch base with them how ever often you think is important.

 2. “Do I look like a stalker if I contact them?

Being considered an “email” stalker may have been true 10 years ago, but definitely not in 2017—at least not when someone has opted in to receiving your email. With all of this technology at our disposal, why shouldn’t you shoot someone a follow-up email if they clicked on something? They’re clearly interested in something you had to say AND they’ve opted in. We think that deserves a follow-up email addressing what they were interested in at the very least.

3. “You mean I need to call them?”

When a prospect downloads content from your website or fills out your contact form, this means they have interest in your product or service. No time like the present to chat’em up while they’re interested, right? It’s also best to get in front of them before your competitor does. If you—like many other business owners and even one- or two-man marketing/sales teams—don’t have time to follow up with these warm leads, we hate to break it to you, but that’ll definitely sink your ship. If you have any aspiration to grow, you need to not only follow up with the leads, but you need to do it in a timely manner.

 4. “I hardly have time to keep my client list up to date much less my email marketing list!”

This is one issue no one anticipates when they sign up for an email marketing solution—keeping your list updated with the right segments. One of the easiest ways to be effective with your email marketing is to craft messages for specific target markets, but you can’t do this if you have 10,000 (or even 500) email addresses and no way of deciphering who are clients, who are prospects, what city people live in, or even what product they’re interested in purchasing. These are the things that will drive the type of message you send and even how often you contact them. Segmenting your email list will also drive your success rates with hooking hot leads.

5. “That was my sales person’s job, but they left.”

Employees come and go, but when a sales person leaves, man, that can sting. You’re often left with little to no documentation of who they were talking to and about what line of business. Unfortunately, this leaves you (and whoever you hire) in the crippling position of having to rebuild your leads list. It also makes your business appear disorganized when you touch base with those leads but don’t know where they are in the sales process.

The Simple Solution.


It’s 2017. No one has time to pull reports of all the people who clicked through an email or update subscriber lists every single time a prospect converts to a client. And we certainly don’t have time to rebuild our list of leads when someone from our sales team leaves.

Having a marketing automation system that also ties directly into your CRM will:

  • Save you time
  • Nurture your leads
  • Keep your brand top of mind
  • Send targeted messages as often as you’d like
  • Update subscribers automatically
  • Keep track of leads and provide a shared location to store notes
  • Prompt you or a member of your team when it’s time for a human to step in

An automated marketing and CRM tool will be, hands down, one of the best investments you make in the future of your business. It can solve all the challenges we listed above, and more. If you haven’t already picked up the phone to learn more about the tool we use at Webolutions, call 300-303-2640, and we’ll be happy to show you the system that revolutionized our own marketing.

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