Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency January 14, 2014

Webolutions Launches Our Own New Website

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Client Name: Webolutions Inc

Client Website URL: webolutionsmarketingagency.com

Project Type:  New Responsive Website Creation

Client Background:

Webolutions is a full-service, integrated marketing agency. We provide:

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

  • Create a site which incorporates all of our standardized best practices in marketing
  • Make sure the site is flexible enough to showcase all of our specific areas of expertise
  • Create special features that allow us to showcase some unique information display options
  • Incorporate all the tools necessary for our site to not only retain our great search engine positions, but also to increase these positions on a national level

Highlighted Solutions – This Website has the following Features and Functions:

  • An easy to use Content Management System (CMS), utilizing our Enhanced WordPress website design. This allows us the ability to easily add new site pages, edit content, edit text, edit images & videos, edit forms and control all aspects of the site. It also seamlessly incorporates many key WordPress plugins that greatly expand the functionality of these base tools.
  • Responsive site design which provides resolution specific viewing and functionality experience on tablets and mobile phones
  • A “Big Picture” homepage slider area which allows us to visually represent our brand with images and or videos.
  • A Social Media Tips Knowledgebase – The Social Media Tips generated by our Social Marketing for Business group are now available on this site. Users can click the thumbs up button to let us know they found that particular tip helpful. Users can also submit social media tips directly to the site and add to this online knowledge base.
  • Glossary of Terms – an interactive glossary terms are displayed throughout the site to help visitors better understand what we do and how we approach creating the solutions which help achieve greater success.
  • Portfolio of Our Work – This is a dynamic showcase of the best work we do. Visitors can easily sort by type of project including: Logo design, Print, Web
  • Extensive Team Bios – Get to know our team, our passions and other fun facts
  • Intelligent Marketing Today eNews Sign Up – This allows site visitors to receive our monthly marketing tips, ideas, insights and articles via email.
  • Share Your Feedback – This feedback system makes it easy for site visitors to keep in touch and let us know how we are doing
  • Our New Info Lounge – This area houses our extensive blog with topics including Marketing Trends, Experiential Marketing., Effective Design & Usability and much more…
  • Links to all of our social media channels
  • RSS feed to share content

Please let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

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