Webolutions Launches New Website for D’Lance Golf

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D’Lance Golf has improved the customer experience and functionality of its website with innovations, applications, and design by Webolutions.

D’Lance focuses on custom fitting golf clubs, indoor golf practice, and golf lessons to help you play better golf, faster!  Custom-built clubs are built by hand at their location in Englewood, Colorado, and fitted to your exact specifications by their certified club makers.  D’Lance Golf has helped over 10,000 golfers shave 2 to 20 strokes off their games.

The new website has the following features and functions:

  • Customized golf icons indicating the different types of clubs
  • Smaller ‘mega menu’
  • Survey / Poll area on the interior pages of the site. D’Lance Golf offers weekly and monthly specials, and they will use the data gathered from the surveys to help determine what type of specials they should offer. This survey area is very easy to use in the admin section. They have the ability to change survey questions whenever they like. The responses are tallied up on the back-end so results can quickly be reviewed. Front-end users can view survey results as well. Surveys can be set to expire, or show the latest poll or be randomized. A lot of flexibility with this survey / poll function!
  • An image / video rotation area on the homepage which provides this client with the ability to graphically show key elements of their overall offering experience to site visitors
  • A user-friendly user interface which is clean, easy to use, and designed to increase site conversions
  • An easy to use client-side content management system (CMS) which allows them the ability to easily add new site pages, edit content, edit text, edit images & videos, edit forms and control all aspects of their site.
  • Calls-to-Action – Book Your Fitting (links to 3rd party booking system – makes booking your fitting online very easy), Better Golf Faster eNews sign up (linked up with Exact Target – their existing burst email system), Check Our Mobile Fitting Dates (links to an internal page that lists all of the dates/times where the mobile fitting van will be)
  • Social Media buttons that are easy to find (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +)
  • Social Sharing feature on all content
  • Search feature on the Website makes searching for specific content very easy
  • Blog which offers the latest information in golf technology and golfing tips – Blog categories are: Tour News, Fitting Tips, From the Lab and Inside D’Lance
  • D’Lance Golf works with many partners and recognizable brands and those relationships are highlighted in the Website in the “Our Partners” section of the site
  • A number of additional Plugins designed to increase site’s overall effectiveness

Is it time to update your website? A conversation with Webolutions’ custom web design team can identify the optimal set of web applications and design elements expedite your return on investment and craft the experience you desire. Learn more about our golf resort website development expertise.

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