Andrew Martin February 12, 2024

Top Denver Businesses to Watch in 2024

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At Webolutions, we’re extremely proud of our local Denver community. As Denver’s leading web design company since 1994, we’ve had an opportunity to work with some of the most innovative businesses in our area over the last 30 years. In fact, the vast majority of our clients in the early days of Webolutions were based in the Denver area.

While we’ve grown substantially over the years and now work with a wide range of businesses nationwide, we’re still passionate about the Denver area and embrace the opportunity to help local businesses implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will allow them to grow and thrive. This desire to stay connected with our local community has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of the Denver business scene.

When we became one of the first Denver web design companies back in the mid-90s, the business landscape here was very different. Denver was still a small city, and it wasn’t a hub for tech and startups. However, the last decade has seen an influx of entrepreneurs and investors to the area, and Denver has now become one of the most thriving environments for startups and tech companies in the country.

Below is a rundown of some of the top Denver businesses to watch this year.

Healthcare Industry Businesses to Watch

Strive Health

Strive Health is a technology company offering care delivery models that improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of care for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. They work with both healthcare providers and payors, providing the advanced technology and predictive analytics necessary to raise the bar for patient care.


Kinspire provides occupational therapy services to children using a monthly membership model. They provide round-the-clock therapist support, a video library and access to a mobile app that helps you monitor and measure your progress.


DispatchHealth provides a platform that delivers mobile and virtual healthcare to patients. Their platform addresses the needs of patients of all ages and provides a wide range of healthcare services, ensuring patients can receive important treatment for serious injuries or illnesses right away.

Energy Companies to Watch

top Denver energy companies to watch in 2024Peak Energy

Peak energy utilizes a process that industrializes sodium ions to facilitate a shift to renewable energy sources.


Karman+ mines resources from asteroids near the Earth to use as sustainable energy sources.


RenewWest is a Denver startup company working to expedite the conservation and repair of global ecosystems. They work closely with governments, land stewards, frontline communities and investors to generate predictable, high-quality outcomes.

AI Tech Companies to Watch

top Denver AI companies to watch in 2024MagicSchool AI

MagicSchool AI is a new Denver startup company providing a wide range of AI services to elevate the performance of teachers. Their technology improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range of tasks, including creating lesson plans, writing assessments, giving feedback on assignments, and communicating with students and parents.


Murmur provides AI-powered collaboration software that improves the efficiency of companies by streamlining the number of meetings needed to make important decisions. Their software summarizes a set of Slack channels of your choosing into real-time snapshots that can be viewed by any employee at any time.

Education Companies to Watch

Guild Education

Guild Education helps businesses improve their continuing education capabilities in order to attract and retain employees more effectively. Their platform makes it possible for companies to offer rewarding educational programs that provide employees with valuable opportunities for career growth.


Revnt allows creators of educational videos to monetize their content. They provide a platform that will host your educational content, and subscribers are then charged a fee to access these materials.

Hospitality Businesses to Watch


Ordermark consolidates a variety of complex online ordering platforms used by restaurants into one dashboard to lower costs, improve efficiencies and eliminate errors. The company was recently acquired by UrbanPiper.

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is a membership-based platform geared towards connecting business travelers with hotels and other partner companies who provide discounted lodging and other valuable travel programs.

Other Innovative Companies to Watch

top Denver companies to watch in 2024Gameboard

Gameboard is truly elevating the capabilities of the gaming industry. Their tabletop gaming system combines in-person and digital/online gaming experiences to give gamers the tactile and interpersonal capabilities of physical games while allowing you to connect with online gaming communities. Gamers can play with anyone, anytime, anywhere, using any game pieces. Their technology also mimics real-life hand movements on the surface of a screen. The gaming experience will never be the same.


Hound provides a recruiting and retention platform for veterinary professionals. Their software makes recruiting veterinary staff easier, improves employee engagement, and increases employee retention.

Vantage Data Centers

Vantage Data Centers offers state-of-the-art, hyperscale cloud solutions for large businesses. They provide customized data center solutions that can address just about any business need.


Leafwire is a cannabis tech company providing a platform that businesses and employees in the industry can use for networking, collaboration and finding deals. Their platform also provides cannabis businesses with the ability to connect with prospective candidates looking for employment.

Webolutions Can Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you’re an up-and-coming Denver-area business or an established company located anywhere in the United States, Webolutions is uniquely suited to help you grow and thrive. Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with thousands of local and national businesses in a wide range of industries. This extensive experience, along with our comprehensive digital marketing services, will set your business up for ongoing success.

As part of our marketing services, we’ll build a high performing website that will help convey your brand story, rank well on search engines, and connect with your target audience. Our unique Websites Right Methodology™ has been developed and refined over three decades, building on the experience, knowledge and lessons we’ve learned from designing thousands of websites. This fully integrated, strategic approach to website design ensures a superior website that will deliver the results your business needs to grow.

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