Selecting the Right Online Advertising for YOUR Business

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Getting and maintaining someone’s attention in 2017 is challenging for many businesses. This is why it’s now more important than ever to make certain your marketing investments are meeting (and exceeding) your expectations—especially when it comes to online advertising.

Who is your target?

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to advertise online, the best place to start is your overall marketing plan. An all-encompassing marketing plan would include personas of your target audience, and you’ll need to review these.

Make a list for each persona and identify their online habits. Are they:

  • On social media? If so, which platforms do they most use?
  • Frequenting trade websites or other online industry publications?
  • Shopping online? Where?
  • Tech savvy? Do they know the difference between paid online advertising and organic?
  • Using their mobile device to search for information or shop?

Making sure you have an idea of their online hangouts as well as an understanding of their digital habits (like what days and/or times they spend on online). This analysis will help you to hone in on the best platforms for your advertising.

What is your budget?

First, it’s important to be fiscally responsible and set your budget (or at least a ballpark) before you decide where to place your paid adverts. In terms of marketing best practices, it’s always best to base budgets on your unique situation rather than letting outside sources (like advertising platforms) dictate your budget. Ideally, this will dissuade you from spending more than you should.

Second, is this paid advertising part of a larger campaign? If so, be sure to prioritize your tactics and evaluate the resources needed and expectations off each. It’s also important to allow time for course correction throughout the campaign in an effort to receive the most leads possible.

How will you measure your ROI?

One of the keys to advertising is measuring the success rate of a campaign. It’s actually fairly easy to track the ROI of a digital marketing campaign so establishing some goals up front is helpful. If, for example, your business consistently closes 25 percent of its leads and you need 10 new clients to break even on this marketing campaign, you need 40 leads at a minimum.

We know that no business wants to break even though, so be sure and choose some specific numbers to create your goal and reach for the stars!

How to use this information?

If you’re interested in participating in paid advertising (Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising, etc.) to get more leads or even just to be more recognizable in your community, call us. We can help with the marketing strategy, ad development, campaign management, and measurement!

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