Laser Tech

WordPress Website Design Project

LaserTech WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency
LaserTech WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency - 2
LaserTech WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency - 3
LaserTech WordPress Website Design Project by Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency

Meet Laser Tech

Laser Tech is a Colorado-based manufacturing and design company that specializes in laser measurement technologies. Their products address a variety of applications, including speed enforcement, crash investigation, forestry, mining, and utilities and surveying. Laser Tech utilizes compliant and continuous movement techniques to achieve the highly precise measurements their clients need.

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Project Key Services / Elements

The Building Blocks of Success
Brand Platform Development
Market Positioning Consulting
Website Design
Website Design – UX and UI
Website Development

Achieving Success: Goals, Strategy, and Results

Charting our Course, Executing with Precision, and Celebrating Achievements


We set out to create a website for Laser Tech that achieved the following key objectives:

  • Improved lead generation (as measured by increased form submissions)
  • Improved navigation and overall look and feel
  • Ability to create campaign-specific landing pages which have a different navigation template as an ordinary informational page


We started with our Market Positioning Action Plan™, Key Messaging and Brand Platform™ creation. During this process, we led the Laser Tech team on a discovery journey to help evolve the way they see themselves and the transformation they create for their customers. This process establishes true marketplace differentiation and leads to the creation of a Brand Platform™ which defines the story and core messaging that will be conveyed throughout their marketing efforts.

For the website project, we scoped all functionality requirements for the systems needed to alleviate their pain points. This drove the website development process and helped inform the best way to create the website navigation architecture. Our SEO team then reverse-engineered a keyword list to ensure we targeted the terms that will most effectively drive traffic to their website, and we matched these terms with the appropriate pages we wanted to rank for each keyword.

One important goal for the Laser Tech team was to have a system that is easy for their employees to edit, manage and maintain on their own. This remained top-of-mind as we developed their website.


  • We decided that creating individual sections within the website for each of their product divisions would deliver the best user experience.
    View the Traffic Safety section to see an example.
  • We created a "Get a Quote" request system that allows the Laser Tech team to manage the lead routing of product quote requests more effectively. They can go into the website on the back end and assign the quote generation to the proper person on their team based on the geographic location of the quote request and the division the product is related to.
    View their "Get a Quote" request form (the portion of the system that potential customers see on the front end).
  • We added a "Partners" section where their industry partners can log into the website and find valuable resources such as brochures, videos, etc.
  • We created a "Customer Feedback System Manager" system. On the front end, the user fills out a feedback form. On the back end, Laser Tech can assign the comment to a specific team member who will resolve the issue listed in the comment.
  • We created a landing page builder.
  • We created a Product Management System that makes it easy to organize the product information contained on the website.
    View the Traffic Safety Products page to see an example.

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