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The process of logo design is being undermined. While a logo is meant to be designed specifically for you and used as the centerpiece for your brand, some are choosing to take paths that devalue their logo. Taking shortcuts like logo design contests, cheap 24-hr logo design deals and do-it-yourself logo makers usually means spending more time dealing with the consequences: unprofessional designers, poor quality and zero connection to the core of their brand. In short, they’re worthless.

By comparison, the Webolutions logo process is one you can trust. Our staff is dedicated to delivering a logo that is designed for longevity, versatility and quality. Most importantly, it was designed for you by a staff who spent time getting to know you and your organization in a way that shortcut processes never do.

8 reasons why the Webo process for logo design ensures success for your brand:

1. High-quality execution

We deliver custom logo concepts made from scratch, not from templates or pre-made “logo farms.” We use the best typography in the world so your identity is unique and we build color palettes that are on-brand and relevant to the era and your marketplace.

2. Director-level strategy

Our clients are led through the workshop-style process by a seasoned, 20+ year Creative Director who has created hundreds of successful identities.

3. Senior-level designers

Our brand identities are created by award-winning senior-level designers with a history of great success.

4. Holistic, versatile approach

We’re thinking about your whole business, not just your logo. It’s easy to miss the new standard: great brands aren’t just made of one logo anymore. They consist of a family of logos — all with different layouts — that can be used for many applications, including web, signage, collateral, content, stationery, merchandising, packaging, advertising and internal use. In the sample below, Tony’s Meats & Market, we transformed a beloved neighborhood butcher shop logo into a modern design system, complete with everything they needed to deliver their merchandise, packaging, uniforms and stores a consistent and powerful brand experience.

5. Less is more

Most online logo farms will overwhelm you with dozens of low-quality concepts. Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t equal quality. We truly believe in the power of Identity, listening to your story, clarifying your market position, and talking you through the rationale of each and every custom concept. And because we get to know you, our process focuses on representing you authentically, resulting in a visual that connects with both your customers and your staff.

6. Designed for longevity

We know that consumers value brands that exist over long periods of time without much change. We design your Identity to be time-tested and built for the long haul.

7. Commitment to success

Our time-tested process is designed to result in an Identity that is on target. But if we miss, we shoot again.

8. File delivery

We deliver a package with files for every conceivable use, and guarantee the integrity of our files. In addition, if you should ever need a different file (or lose your files) for any reason, we always archive your files for your protection. Files are vector and include CMYK, Pantone, RGB, black, white, Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), Portable Document Format (.pdf), transparent PNG, and JPG.

If you’re looking for the right creative team to meet your logo design needs, we’d love to chat. Give us a call at 303.300.2640 or contact us online.



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