What Are Best Practices for Digital Marketing?

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The following best practices should be followed when establishing a digital marketing strategy: 

  • Define your goals – In order to develop an effective strategy, you must first define your goals. Focus on just a few goals that are most critical to moving your company forward. These goals should drive all of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Identify your target audience – Your target audience will play a major role in the specific digital marketing strategies and channels you utilize. In order to maximize your ROI, your marketing efforts need to be directed to the platforms where your audience spends the most time, and your content must address their specific needs.
  • Establish a budget for each digital channel in your strategy – While some digital marketing channels such as SEO, email marketing and content marketing only require an expenditure of time to create and optimize the assets, other channels such as PPC and paid social ads will require you to set a budget for each campaign. It’s important to be strategic about these budgets, allocating the most dollars to the channels and campaigns that will deliver the best ROI.
  • Determine the right balance between free and paid digital marketing strategies – The most effective digital marketing strategies utilize a mix of free and paid elements. Organic SEO results often take longer to achieve and email contact lists can take a while to build, making the free channels more of a long term strategy. To achieve results in the short term, you’ll often need to supplement these efforts with paid ads. The right balance of these strategies will be determined by the goals you established.
  • Conduct keyword research – In order for your digital marketing efforts to be effective, your audience must be able to find your website and all relevant content that can address their needs. Conducting keyword research is critical to your ability to ensure these efforts target the subjects and searches that are most important to your audience.
  • Create engaging content – The phrase “content is king” may be a bit overused, but for good reason. High quality, engaging content is critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts. The more you’re able to address the needs of your audience with your content, the more likely you are to maximize your lead generation results.
  • Optimize your digital assets for mobile – Over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, and this figure rises each year. In order to ensure your audience always has a great experience when interacting with your content, you must optimize all your digital assets for mobile.
  • Evaluate your analytics data and make adjustments as needed – One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that you have a wealth of analytics data regarding the performance of your campaigns. It’s critical to constantly evaluate this data in order to identify opportunities to improve your efforts and maximize your digital marketing ROI. 


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