Experiential Marketing Example: Drive a Spa

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The national average of a one-way daily commute is 25.5 minutes. Eight percent of workers have commutes of an hour or longer and nearly 600,000 full-time workers endure a commute of at least an hour-and-a-half. All this information from the U.S. Census data on commuting can be summed up in one word: ick. But that’s me, the guy who does not own a car. I’m definitely the minority in this way of thinking. According to the U.S. Department of State, 95 percent of American households own a car.

We drive long distances and we love our cars, two facts that the innovative Mercedes-Benz car company knows all too well. Keeping up with Mercedes-Benz’s forward thinking brand, they broke the mold for luxury driving in 2013. The Mercedes-Benz S550 has been called a cross between luxury car and spa. Before we get into the details, it’s a bit on the pricey side. The base model starts at $92,000 and the fully loaded version can run in the upper $150,000s. Here’s what you can get for 7 figures:

  • A scent-control system to “perfume” the interior. Scents include: Sports Mood, Nightlife Mood, Downtown Mood and Freeside Mood. All the scents are intended to be subtle fresheners.
  • Would you like a massage during your 30 mile jaunt to work? The S550 has you covered with massage chairs that simulate a hot-stone massage. Not into the hot-stone massage? Try the other five massage styles that are available.

Mercedes-Benz has created a unique experiential marketing strategy for automobile drivers. They’ve created an experience for two polar opposite activities – the stress of driving and the relaxation of the spa. With their technology, they’ve given drivers/commuters everything they could ever want; a spa on wheels. Getting stuck on a highway in one thing, but getting stuck on a highway with your favorite scent while sitting on a chair of hot-stones just made the drive a whole lot better.

Do we need these luxury items in our cars? Absolutely not. Do I think Mercedes-Benz is genus for creating a car that I wouldn’t ever want to leave? Absolutely! We can only image what Mercedes-Benz is going to do next to create amazing experiences for their customers.

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