Experiential Marketing Example: The Awesome Uber

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The Uber Experiential Marketing Experience

Picture this: You’re in the busy streets of San Francisco running late for a business meeting. You need to get across town as soon as possible, and you took the train to work today. Your next move is to hail a cab to get there posthaste. Enter the cab and you’re immediately hit with the overwhelming amazing experience of the senses. A mix of crunched Doritos and old stale crumb cake crumbs dominate the floor of the original 1997 bench seat that has not been cleaned since, well ever. And that smell brings you back to the kitchen in the 1920s house that you rented back in college with three other guys. Not exactly comfort city.

Enter Uber, a better experience for those seeking to pay more for a clean, comfortable ride. Instead of slugging along town in a beat up taxi, take a nice luxurious ride in an Uber car. Uber was created to be a better way to travel between appointments, nights on the town or long distances, all without having to schedule your ride in advance.

The Uber experience is incredible. After you download the free app, the only way you can “hail” an Uber driver is to use the app to find the closest driver in your area. The driver is then pinged on their mobile device and a text is immediately sent to the soon to be passenger with an estimated time of arrival. Once your car arrives, you’ll notice right away that this is way better than a cab ride. Cars are clean and some even come with bottles of water. At the end of your ride, you walk out without having to fumble for cash or credit cards. Uber will deduct the fare from the credit card that you signed up with.

You are encouraged to rate your driver at the end of the ride; based on a five star system. Rating a driver will allow other passengers to see that driver’s ranking where you can judge if you want to ride in a 4-star car or a 5-star car. The twist: Uber drivers can also rank the passengers. Other drivers will be able to see your ranking so they can decline picking you up if you are a 2-star passenger – so D.B.A.A.

Uber is the perfect way to create better experiences with your customers. Let’s look at a golf course as an example. Colorado has some of the best golf courses in the country. It’s so popular that groups of people will fly from other states to play a round with a few friends. As an owner of a golf course, I recognize the fact that out of state people are going to come to Colorado to play golf. Instead of making it difficult for visitors to drive to my course, I partner with Uber. My guests arrive at my golf course on time, and without the stress of trying to find me, and I give them a safe option to get back to their hotels (if drinking is involved). Uber handles the ride, and I can focus on providing a better experience for my customers at my golf course.

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The possibilities are endless for your business to create amazing experiences for your customers. Uber is doing a great job; Yellow Cab, not so much. Call Webolutions (your Denver Internet marketing company) today at 303-300-2640 to learn more about experiential marketing and how it can work with your Internet marketing plan.

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