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As a full-service Denver Digital Marketing Agency, Webolutions frequently works with clients to review all of the different ways their brand connects with clients, and find ways to turn those touch points into memorable experiences.

When does the experience of your brand begin?
If you own a restaurant, it would be easy to say the experience of your establishment begins when your guests open the front door and ends when they pay their check. In the current marketplace, it’s important to think bigger than that to set yourself apart from all of the other choice that are available today.

A vacation to a Disney theme park is a high point in an experience that often has been going on for years before a family arrives at their destination. Disney fans are part of an ongoing Disney experience thanks to the movies, retail stores, live performances, TV commercials and hundreds of other touch points that continue to tell the story.

You don’t have to have the marketing budget of a Disney-sized organization to start to make a bigger impact on your clients.  There are a number of easy things you can implement to broaden the experience people have with your brand.

Here are some ways to get started:

Make follow up calls. When is the last time you followed up with a recent client to see how they are doing? And I am not talking about a routine survey that everyone gets. Block out some time to send a birthday card or call and ask the question “How are things going?” Extra effort like this is often all it takes to stand out from your competition. Communicating that you value your clients is a simple way to create a bond that a 10% discount from a competitor will never break.

Improve business development with eNewsletters. Webolutions generates a great deal of new business from our ongoing eNewsletter. It may take a few years for a subscriber to get to point that they need our services, but when they do, the eNewsletter is often key factor in prompting them to call.

Create hashtags for events & seminars. If you have an event or a seminar/webinar, create a hashtag and encourage everyone to use it in their social media posts. This allows attendees to connect with each other and also creates a crowd-sourced record of event highlights. The annual South by Southwest conferences in Austin, Texas uses the hashtag #SXSW and it is active year-round, for musicians, filmmakers and tech pros on Twitter.

Turn the shipping department into the gift department. If your business involves sending physical goods through the mail, what can you do to make receiving your stuff a great experience? Turn your package into a gift. Include a handwritten thank you note next to each client’s order. Include a postcard that explains more about the design and history of items that have been purchased. Add a business card with the address of your social media site of choice and encourage your new customer to leave a review or share a photo of their fantastic new purchase with their friends.

If you would like to brainstorm ways to create more impactful experiences to build your brand, please give us a call at 303-300-2640.

What are you doing to make the experience of your brand stand out from the marketplace? Share your successes in the comments.

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