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Luxury buyers are used to being treated to over-the-top brand experiences every day. In their travel, shopping, dining and more we have devised methods of regaling the luxury buyer that amaze and delight. At Webolutions, a leading Denver marketing agency, we believe that amazing customer experiences shouldn’t be just for the rich and famous. We help companies of all types—from broadband internet service providers to CPAs, wow their customers with unexpected experiences that drive loyalty and referral.

That being said, there is a lot for the rest of us to learn from the brand experience delivered by some top luxury car sellers. People spending over $50K on a new vehicle have certain expectations for the car buying experience and no one understands their buyer better than the folks at BMW. Makers of the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW targets upscale buyers who really enjoy the driving experience. These are not just guys who want a fancy car, but they are the types who talk torque, acceleration speeds, and mountain road handling. They also tend to be avid travelers.  Put all those together and what you get is the BMW Welt experience. Buyers can order a custom-built BMW from anywhere in the world and travel to Munich to take possession of their new vehicle at the BMW Welt facility. Talk about a second to none car buying experience!

Completed in 2007, BMW Welt is an architectural marvel which houses a museum, exhibition space, restaurants and more.  It is connected to the original BMW factory where tours are held daily. International customers who have ordered BMW’s for import arrive at BMW Welt and are greeted by a personal concierge.  They begin with a tour of the factory and museum and are then treated to an excellent buffet lunch.  After lunch they get an in depth briefing on the features and inner workings of the vehicle they have purchased and are taken to the staging area where their car is waiting under a spotlight, slowly rotating on a large turntable.  They are given the keys to their gleaming new car on a silver keychain that has been custom engraved with their initials.  After inspecting their new purchase with the concierge, they are invited to get inside and let the driving begin.  To exit the giant BMW Welt facility, they are first allowed to take a victory lap around the interior before descending a long ramp to the outside.

Everything about the BMW Welt experience has been developed to build on the BMW owner’s love of driving and to create lifelong brand advocates.  The experience is unique, rewarding and, in fact, a great deal.  If an American car-buyer chooses to buy direct from Germany, they can expect to save about 7% or somewhere between $3,500 and $7,000 on their new car.  In addition, most buyers combine the pick up with a European vacation and are able to save on car rental by driving their own vehicle instead.  When it’s time to come home, they can choose from any of eight different drop-off points at airports throughout Germany, France, the UK and more.  After dropping off their new vehicle, shipping back home takes 2-3 months and frequent status is provided during that time to keep abreast of the progress.  To learn more about the BMW experience go to

Closer to home, luxury car dealers are also stepping up how to enhance the end-to-end customer experience, and not just limiting it the car buying experience itself. The new Kuni Lexus dealership that opened in Greenwood Village in May offers style, comfort, entertainment and technology to visitors whether they are there to purchase a new vehicle or get their current car serviced. The giant facility includes a library with multiple iPads for guest use, a 1917 billiards table, a theater for watching movies, multiple outdoor patio spaces and two large coffee bars. There are amusements for guests of all ages—in fact, on a recent visit I witnessed a mother who was having trouble convincing her children that it was time to go once her car service had been completed, because they were having so much fun. In addition to being a beautiful and relaxing environment, the new dealership is virtually paperless, using Apple technology to complete the transaction paper work and delivering all documentation to buyers electronically.

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If you’re running a business, would you say you provide an “over-the-top” customer experience?  The most economical way to market your business is for your current customers to do it for you through word-of-mouth referrals. Why did I write about BMW and Kuni Lexus today? Not because I own luxury cars, but because I have friends who were so impressed by their experiences with these companies that they just can’t stop talking about them.  No matter what type of business you are in, there are surely opportunities to delight your customers in ways that will get them talking about you.  Webolutions is focused on helping businesses build experiential marketing examples that drive loyalty and referral.  If you need help designing memorable customer experiences for your business, call us today at 303.300.2640.

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